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Gastric sleeve abroad and pregnancy

Updated November 28, 2018
ClinicHunter Ltd

Gastric sleeve in Poland has become a very popular procedure treating obesity among patients from the whole world. More and more often, people make a decision to come to Poland for their cheap gastric sleeve in order to save money and be provided with the high-quality treatment at the same time. Sometimes, women have concerns about the impact which gastric sleeve surgery can have on their fertility and possible pregnancy. This article will resolve all the doubts.

You can get pregnant after gastric sleeve surgery abroad

First of all, after gastric sleeve surgery, you can get pregnant! Gastric sleeve surgery not only allows for losing much excess weight but also improves fertility. Obesity very often makes women unable to get pregnant and disturbs menstrual cycle. After cheap gastric sleeve abroad, women increase their ability to have children in the future. Surgeons suggest, however, that if you have a gastric sleeve, you should wait at least 18 months before trying to get pregnant. The reason for that is the fact that for the first few months after the surgery, women eat a small amount of food, which makes it almost impossible to nourish the baby properly.

It is better to wait 18 months before getting pregnant after gastric sleeve surgery in Poland

It is, by all means, save to have a baby after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in Poland. The only condition is that you wait till your weight is stabilized. The surgeons agree that the final effects of gastric sleeve appear within 18 months after surgery, hence it is best first to recover from the surgery properly and lose weight, and after achieving the final results, you can go back to considering getting pregnant. The second important factor is diet after the surgery. You will have a special diet created by your surgeon. Starting with eating liquids, you will gradually moderate the type and amount of food. For first few months, you will eat relatively small portions which are simply insufficient to nourish you and the baby at the same time. Before your weight and hormones stabilize and your diet is brought back to the normal level, it might be risky to have a baby.

You should monitor your nutrient intake closely

The problem with a proper nourishing is observed among many women even before their cheap gastric sleeve surgery abroad. Thus, women who want to have gastric sleeve surgery in Poland and consider future pregnancy should pay attention to nutrient intake before the surgery. After gastric sleeve procedure, there may be a deficiency in such nutrients as calcium, B12 and vitamin D. Your surgeon will prescribe necessary pills to provide you with a proper amount of all vitamins. You should remember about this supplementation because otherwise, your health can get worse. Your baby should also get a required amount of all nutrients, so you need to eliminate all vitamin deficiencies before getting pregnant.

After gastric sleeve abroad you’re more likely to have a cesarean

The study published in 2004 in American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology prove that women expecting a baby after any bariatric surgery are more prone to have a cesarean. Of course, it is not a rule and there are no clear reasons why women after gastric surgeries in most cases have c-section. You can discuss with your surgeon what to do in order to increase your chances for a natural delivery.

Your cheap gastric sleeve in Poland will improve your life quality – you will overcome all your health-related and psychological problems caused by obesity. Beauty Poland will help you organize your journey, treatment and stay in Poland. We will provide you with an excellent service, the effects of which will be unbelievably positive. If you are young and plan to have children in the future, you have nothing to worry about. The surgery may influence your chances for the future pregnancy, but only in a positive way!

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