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Gastric Sleeve Abroad - Before the surgery

Updated November 28, 2018
ClinicHunter Ltd

Gastric Sleeve Abroad becomes more and more popular. In this article, you may find some useful information regarding your before surgery details. Before gastric sleeve Poland, or any other weight loss surgery abroad, it is good to take some aspects into consideration. Below you may see some valuable advice, which for sure will make your surgery and recovery time quicker and easier. For those, who have not got surgery planned this article might help understand how to prepare for surgery, it will be good basis information with some clear tips.

Change your diet before gastric sleeve surgery in Poland

Any patient who has booked the all-inclusive package with is given diet plan which should be followed before surgery. Diet plan require light meals, smoothies. The day before surgery each patient must not eat anything after 8 pm and no liquids after midnight should be taken. The patient should not drink or eat on surgery day, as gastric sleeve, Poland is performed under general anesthesia, it is better to perform surgery on the empty stomach as recovery would be easiest, there would be no vomiting symptoms.

Gastric Sleeve patient should avoid:

  • junk food
  • alcohol
  • coffee
  • energy drinks
  • fried meals.

Stop smoking

The ideal time to quit or is a month before surgery, as it will give your body a chance to recover and smoking. Doctor suggest stopping smoking to reduce risks and complications, like lung infections or lung collapse. What is more, patient who stopped smoking benefit from quicker healing time, and faster recovery time. There are some patients who can not imagine quitting smoking, for those we advise to reduce the daily quantity of cigarettes 30 days before planned surgery date, or at least two weeks before gastric sleeve abroad.

Prepare mentally

It is good to have clear and realistic expectations. There are many stories, testimonials in the Interner, where you may check how will look your recovery time. The surgery will not make you thin, slim and happy immediately. Each patient should be prepared that surgery helps to reduce weight, you can expect to take at least six months to lose half of your excess weight. Try to eat smaller meals before surgery. It is a problem for food-addicted people, you should prepare your mind for changes. Remember that you are not alone, in case of depression, try to find the specialist, support group to help yourself achieve your goals.

Join a support group

Each patient should be prepared that his/ her life will change after gastric sleeve Poland. New life will require different diet habits, sports activities, new eating rules. For some the beginning might be difficult, it is suggested to join the support group. The patient may attend daily group meetings or join some online groups. There are plenty of online support groups, our clinic has own one where the patient may share their stories, ask questions, make new friends.

Ideally, the patient should be aware of all the pros and cons of surgery, and its risks. Emotional support from friends, the family is necessary, as well.

Stay positive

There is no better patient than the educated patient, who knows surgery details, who is prepared for recovery. We advise patients to research as much as it is possible any details, facts, stories regarding cheap gastric sleeve Poland. Such patient is more positive, relaxes, less stressed and nervous. Each patient should stay positive, motivated. You can try to use the calendar to write down, and keep the record of your weight loss. Share with others your positive energy, any small achievement, be proud of yourself, think that you are on right track!

To receive more details regarding all-inclusive package for gastric sleeve Poland feel free to email or call us. Each patient is asked to the filled medical questionnaire, we need to recognize your needs, get to know your medical history, check your BMI and then suggest surgery plan and its final price. Average price for gastric sleeve Poland is 5000 GBP. Surgery takes place close to Wroclaw. In Wroclaw, there is the international airport with affordable prices for fight tickets. Each patient should come to Poland for 5 days to complete weight loss surgery Poland.

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