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Gastric bypass VS gastric sleeve Poland

Updated November 23, 2018
ClinicHunter Ltd
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Many people suffer from obesity nowadays. Stress, working in a hurry, unhealthy diet, genetic predispositions are only a few from a wide range of reasons that cause gaining weight. In some cases, the only option to stop the phenomenon is a weight loss surgery. If you consider having a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass in Poland this article is for you.

How much weight can I lose with gastric sleeve surgery abroad?

Gastric sleeve in Poland can help you to achieve very satisfactory results. If you have tried many other solutions to get rid of the problem and none of them worked for you, weight loss surgery in Poland can be a good way to start your new life. The amount of the fat that can be lost after the surgery depends on individual characteristics of a patient and on the type of the treatment used but most of the patients lost from 50 – 80 % of weight during the first year after the surgery.

How much weight can I lose with gastric bypass in Poland?

Gastric bypass in Poland is considered to be the most state of the art solution and a ‘golden standard’ in terms of weight loss surgeries. It provides the most visible and safe outcomes in the shortest period. An average patient is able to lose from 60 to 80 % of the weight in the first year after the surgery.

Comparison of weight loss speeds

Gastric bypass: from 60 – 80 % of weight during the first year after the surgery.

Gastric sleeve: from 50 to 70 % of weight during the first year after the surgery.

Benefits of gastric bypass surgery Poland

Gastric bypass is the most professional and durable solution on the market at the moment. It can lead to very easy weight loss with short recovery time. What is more, the process of losing weight is safe. Your body will be coming back to natural balance step by step but it is a healthy process.

If you still do not know whether you should come to Poland for your gastric sleeve or gastric bypass contact us! Our consultant will tell you more about both procedures and will answer all your questions about weight loss surgery prices and procedures. We will be more than happy to help you! is looking forward to hearing from you regarding weight loss surgery in Poland!

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