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How not to gain weight during Christmas?

Updated November 28, 2018
ClinicHunter Ltd

Do you think you will gain weight while feasting at the Christmas table? Not true! We really start to put on weight after the holidays!

During Christmas we change eating habits. Unfortunately, such behavior is not complete pleasant for our body. When we begin to eat candies without limits, our pancreas produces large amounts of insulin, and the fat tissue grows rapidly. When the sugar amount in the organism is high, we still feel hungry for sweets. And it’s not over yet! Eating large amounts of sweets makes your brain get used to the sweet and even when the Christams is over you still feeling like eating something sweet.

Not to gain weight, you need to remember:

1. Eat cake after the meal

If you want to eat a piece of cake, do it right after other meal, for example, right after breakfast – this action will protect you from the production of insulin, which contributes to the formation of fat tissue.

2. Stimulate digestion

In the evening, before bedtime, drink a cup of mint, which stimulates digestion. Do not reach for a laxative tea because it works temporarily.

3. Give up drinking Coca-Cola

Remember that each cup of this drink contains sugar comparable to a quite large piece of cake.

4. Do not sit at the table all day

Try to keep a break between meals, during which go for a short walk – even a little bit of movement improves digestion.

5. Remember to drink water

Water cleans the body and aids digestion. Every day drink at least four glasses of water and unsweetened tea- a huge amount of sugar is supplied already while eating Christmas sweets.

6. Watch out for nuts and dried fruit

If you have a habit of snacking in between meals, for which nuts and dried fruit are especially suitable during Christams, you might want to give up those snacks and include them directly in your meal.

7. Something lighter before bed time

Remember that the last meal of the day should not be cake but something lighter.

8. Fruit before cake

When you sit at the Christmas table, and you know you love sweets, prepare yourself ahead of time – before you reach for a piece of cake, eat a tangerine or a dried fig. Thanks to them you will feel weaker appetite for sweets.

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