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    Flying after cheap rhinoplasty in Poland

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Rhinoplasty Poland is one of the most popular plastic procedure for both man and woman. Surgery is performed for medical and aesthetic reasons. When it comes to rhinoplasty Poland patients wants to spend as little time as possible in Poland. Often there are many questions, for how long they should stay in Poland, how long they should take days off from work. Hope this article will make it clearer.

    How long should I stay in Poland for cheap rhinoplasty procedure?

    Typically doctors recommend staying 6 days in Poland. The schedule is always the same, on the first-day patient is landing in Poland. Our taxi driver will wait for you at the airport with the card with your name. Patients are always asked not to bed 8 hours before landing in Poland, as directly from airport taxi driver will pick you up to the blood tests laboratory. Our blood tests lab is open 24/7 so it does not matter what time you land, we will always be ready to perform blood tests for you! The next day, in midday patient, is taken to hospital for personal consultation. While the second day, in the evening you will have surgery. After surgery, all patients stay in the hospital for a night. The third day, the patient has after surgery checkups and come to the hotel. Doctor suggest to stay 3 -4 night and rest after surgery. On leaving day doctor to decide if stitched might be removed.

    When is it safe to fly home after nose job abroad?

    There is no answer, some doctors say that patient may return the same day to the home country. Some say that need to wait at least 3 days, others suggest to stay in Poland even 10 days. Each patient, each case should consult it personally with plastic surgeon specialist. Extended staying in Poland depends on surgery scope. For example, the patient with nose tip surgery freely may leave Poland the same day. Patient with full nose surgery might be asked to stay a bit longer. It is always a good idea to have someone travel with you, as you may need some help while your first days of recovery.

    Potential dangers of flying after cheap rhino abroad

    The greater risk regarding flying home after nose surgery Poland, that are the changes in pressure while flying. Patient with swelling and congestion in the nose may suffer from facial pain while flying. What is more, nose bleeding may happen due to changes in pressure. The low temperature in the plane may result in infection. Traveling alone just after surgery might be not comfortable. Lifting heavy luggage may result in some bleedings, too. To sum up, flying just after surgery may result in the low comfort of flight, some bleeding, facial pains, infections/inflammations, and poor healing nasal areas.

    To receive more details regarding your cheap nose surgery in Poland please contact us via email or call us. For sure you have many questions and we would love to answer all of them. The average price for full nose surgery is 2100 GBP. Average price means that we collected final prices from 10 patients and then divided the sum, and then received we have received average price. To get final and personal details, including price, contact us and send your facial photos. We are waiting for you!

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