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    Female hair transplant in Poland

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    hair transplant Poland womanHair transplant Poland is a procedure that, up until recently, was connected only with men. Nowadays, female hair loss prompted surgeons to offer the same procedure to them and help them achieve better appearance. If you are struggling with hair loss and you are looking for the best possible solution, find out if female hair transplant abroad is for you.

    How is hair transplant procedure in Poland done?

    There are few different methods of hair transplant, but our specialists prefer FUE (follicular unit extraction) method. During the procedure the surgeon takes out single follicular unit from donor area, prepares it for transplant and inserts into recipient area. You will have no bald spots on the donor area, as the surgeon picks each unit very carefully.

    Is there any difference between male and female hair transplant in Poland?

    Male and female hair loss has different causes, that is why when it comes to hair transplant in Poland, the surgeon must take slightly different approach. Women tend to lose their hair on the ‘crown’ of their head, that is why the surgeon needs to use a lot more follicular units to fill in the ‘crown’. When it comes to male hair loss, there are few different patterns, but they do not require as much hair to be transplanted.

    Who should consider having hair transplant in Poland?

    Not all women are good candidates for hair transplant. Many women who experienced hair loss have very poor quality donor’s hair, which are not viable for transplant. If this thin hair is transplanted, it will fall out in a matter of few years and the patient will go back to the initial state. To have hair transplant, you need to have thick hair in the donor area. If your hair is strong and thick, when transplanted, it will grow very well. That is why you should speak to the doctor, before committing to hair transplant in Poland.

    How much is female hair transplant in Poland?

    The price for female hair transplant in Poland starts from 3000 PLN / 620 GBP. However, it can change based on a number of follicular units used and the range of the procedure. In this price usually, you have included medical tests, consultation with the doctor, the procedure, bandages and special hair shampoo and conditioner that you should use after the procedure. To get your individual quotation for cheap hair transplant, you should contact our patient advisors.

    There are many factors that may influence your decision whether to have the female hair transplant in Poland. However, it is worth to remember that Beauty Poland is a renown company that offers you only the best specialists and modern clinics. If you are looking for professional hair transplant, you should speak with one of our patient advisers and schedule your procedure date. Do not wait until you lose more hair – take action now!

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