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    Facial Fillers VS Facelift – Which is better?

    Updated October 3, 2019
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Skin ageing process is inevitable and will concern everyone at some point of time. Facial wrinkles and sagging skin are problems that men and women try to deal with using various methods. Some of them include weird YouTube DIY experiments, some more medical-approved and thus safe. Thanks to affordable facial fillers and facelift procedures nowadays anyone can afford to become younger again.


    What are face fillers?

    Face fillers are soft tissue fillers which are injected under your face skin in order to fill in the wrinkles and restore a youthful appearance. They can be applied in various facial areas, such as cheeks, forehead, nose-mouth and mouth-chin lines, eyebrows area or acne scars. The main advantage of face fillers is that the procedure is fast, lasting about 45 minutes and the results are visible almost immediately without the need for long recovery. Fillers may consist of various materials such as sugar molecules or special acids, or collagen. You will be advised which filler brand and material will be the best and give the most optimal results. The procedure is not painful, as the face is creamed with a numbing substance, but it might be slightly uncomfortable. There is no recovery process, so you can leave the clinic just after the procedure and return to work even the next day!

    What can face fillers accomplish?

    Facial fillers will help you restore a young, natural, attractive and bright look of your face. It is the best solution for all patients with early signs of ageing. Face fillers will:

    • soften wrinkles and creases on your face
    • reduce the visibility of recessed scars
    • model and contour your face including jawline
    • get rid of eye bags
    • plump your lips and fill them out if lips are wrinkled or thin
    • contour or plump your cheeks

    The results of your facial fillers will last for several months depending on the filler applied. Nonetheless, if you lead a healthy lifestyle, maintain good health condition and take a proper care of your skin, you will extend the longevity of the results.

    What face fillers cannot accomplish?

    Face fillers are not a good solution for patients wanting to get rid of a sagging skin or having numerous deep wrinkles. If you want to correct significantly deep folds between your mouth and nose, remove excess amount of fat or skin from your face and neck, eliminate jowls, reduce deep horizontal wrinkles on your forehead or eyebrows or improve the appearance of your eyes area, the best solution will be having a facelift surgery rather than dermal fillers. If you are not sure whether facelift or facial fillers are best for you, your surgeon will advise you on that matter and tell which method will provide you with the expected results.

    What is facelift procedure?

    Facelift is a plastic surgery which improves the visible and advanced signs of aging appearing on your neck and face areas. Your facelift procedure will take 2-5 hours and will be performed under local or general anesthesia. The incisions can be made on ears area or under the chin and after surgery are closed with sutures. After your facelift , your skin is lifted, the excess fat is removed, deep tissues on your face are tightened and your face is contoured. The recovery process after your facelift will last 2-3 months, as then you will see the final results. Nonetheless, after two weeks you can return to your normal life.

    Who should consider facelift?

    Facelift is an elective surgery, hence your surgeon needs to qualify you for this procedure in advance. The main prerequisite for a facelift is good overall health. If you feel that your face has already been touched with aging signs, your skin is loose and wrinkles visible, you are a good candidate for facelift . The age is not so important, as more often than not patients who have just started noticing changes sourcing from aging process have better and longer-lasting results. As with any other plastic surgeries, the ideal candidate for the facelift is a the one who is not smoking, leading a healthy lifestyle and having realistic expectation towards the procedure.

    Facial Fillers VS Facelift 

    Facial Fillers PolandFacelift Poland
    anaesthesiano (numbing cream is used)local or general depending on the complexity of the surgery
    stay in the clinicnot needed1 night when general anaesthesia was applied
    length of the procedure45 minutes2-5 hours
    stay in Poland1-2 days5-6 days
    stitches removalno stitchesafter 5 days
    scarsno scarsscars behind ears - become hardly visible over time
    return to workafter 2 daysafter 2 weeks
    final resultsimmediately visiblevisible after 2-3 months
    effectslast several monthslast several years
    pricefrom 1200 PLN per 1 ampule
    from 9000 PLN for full facelift

    Facial fillers and facelift price comparison

    Despite the procedure, you can be sure that your facial fillers, as well as facelift, will be very procedures. The price for facial fillers starts from 1200 PLN for 1 ampul. The numbers of injections and fillers brand and materials will be individually chosen by your surgeon. The price for your full facelift will start from 9000 PLN, but you need to remember that if your surgeon suggests mini facelift for you, the price will be even cheaper!


    Read more about facelift procedure here, and about good candidates for a facelift surgery here.

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