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    Are the facelift results permanent?

    Updated November 16, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    girl keeping her face after faceliftWhen patients enquire about the cheap facelift, or even other plastic surgeries abroad, they commonly want to receive an answer to one simple question – “is facelift permanent?”. Additionally, they want to know if the cheap facelift will make them look younger. Sadly, there are no long-term studies, which will inspect the true longevity of the facelift abroad, mainly because there are many variables in every case individually. Every person is different and ages differently, due to factors such as genetics or environment. That is why the success rate is also different. Therefore, it is quite hard to estimate the results, as taking photographies would need to be done the same, standardized way each time.

    How long does facelift last?

    Cheap facelifts durability is highly dependant on many factors, such as patient’s skin and age. In general, we can say that healthy and darker skin will react better to the surgery than a lighter complexion with thinner or sun-damaged skin. Furthermore, patients who are under 60 tend to enjoy longer-lasting facelift results.

    What is more, it is crucial to establish what type of the procedure will be performed and to evaluate the surgeon’s skills when it comes to facelift final results. Generally, when more extensive types of cheap facelifts abroad are performed the results will last the longest. You also need to look for a qualified and experienced surgeon, who will make sure that the technique is appropriately chosen to make your best facelift results last a long time.

    Full facelift in Poland with the best results typically lasts around 5-6 years. There are also other types of facelift procedures abroad. For instance, mini facelift targets the wrinkles and sagging jowls. Many younger patients choose this option, as they seem to start aging in the mentioned areas. The mini facelift is less invasive and, in general, lasts 2-5 years.

    There are many techniques, which can be used to perform a full facelift abroad. Normally, all of them address wrinkles and sagging of the neck, jaw, and cheeks. The incisions are typically made behind the ears so that they are not visible. During the safe facelift procedure, your surgeon will tighten and lift the muscles, but also remove any excess fat or skin, which cause the aged look.

    Often facelift in Poland is combined with other procedures, to enhance the refreshed appearance. Commonly it is performed along with eyelid surgeries (blepharoplasty), brow lifts or fillers. The facelift results depend on the techniques used, but also on the surgeon’s experience. Fortunately, we work only with the best of the best and we observe that facelift lasts from 5 to 15 years!
    Of course, the aging process will continue even after the best facelift surgery. However, with a good specialist and adequate care and maintenance, our patients can expect to look at least 10 years younger for at least 5 years after the surgery in Poland.

    How to maintain facelift results

    Protect your skin from the Sun

    Sadly, there is nothing you can do about the sun damage, which arose prior to the cheap facelift surgery. Fortunately, you can prevent further damage and extend the facelift results though. You should remember to use sunblocks and sunscreens every day. If not advised otherwise by the doctor, you should look for a sunscreen, which is at least SPF 30 and contains zinc oxide. Furthermore, you should restrict yourself from excessive sunlight exposure, so remember about hats and umbrellas. All in all, do not worry – it does not mean that you should completely resign from sunbathing forever. You just need to be clever and reasonable about the sun exposure and put your skin first.

    Moisturize your skin daily

    You should remember to moisturize your skin every day, to keep it elastic and firm. As you know, every person’s skin is different, so remember to use creams and serums which are adequate for your skin type.

    Visit beautician regularly

    Another good idea is to compliment your skin care routine with the help of a beautician, whether it is an aesthetician or dermatologist is another benefit. Not every skin problem can be solved by yourself, so you should visit the specialists regularly. Skincare beauticians are experienced and in finding the products and services, which will maximize the facelift results and will suit you best. For example, gentle and regular exfoliation, professionally performed, gets rid of dry skin cells, which will reveal a more refreshed appearance. Another great service is the IPL laser treatment, which can get rid of any dark spots. Furthermore, many patients decide on using specialist skin care products, prescribed by their beauticians, such as retinol creams or gels, to maintain their youthful appearance after facelift abroad.

    Eat healthy

    There is no doubt that what we eat has an effect on the look of our face. A balanced diet, filled with greens, vegetables, and fruits, good oils, and carbs, as well as protein can help your skin look better and younger, as good nutrition keeps it nutrified and improves the elasticity.

    • Vitamin E – is highly important for skin nourishment. It helps the healing process but also works to smooth the scars or any rough skin. You can get your vitamin E dose from nuts and spinach.
    • Vitamins B – also known as B-complex – helps to product new skin cells! You should eat fruits and vegetables until it’s increased intake.
    • Vitamin A – this vitamin will help your skin stay smooth and hydrated. Vitamin A is contained in almost everything, from sweet potatoes to fish and fresh fruits.
    • Vitamin C – is crucial, as it has incredible rejuvenating qualities. Vitamin C helps the production of collagen, which improves skin’s structure and solidity. In effect, it minimizes wrinkles and smoothes your skin. You can find Vitamin C from red peppers, kale or oranges.

    As you may know, a healthy diet is not the only important factor. For the best outcome and a balanced dietary programme, you should drink plenty of water. A hydrated skin is stronger, smoother and, with the result, looks younger. Make sure that you drink a big dose of water every day. Additionally, you should remember about physical activity, which will help you maintain a healthy and stable body weight. It will have an influence on the look of your skin too.

    Don’t smoke

    We are sure that you already know that smoking is a bad habit in general. It is also no mystery that smoking cigarettes have a bad influence on your skin. Nicotine makes your skin dry, which leads to rapid aging. Furthermore, it interferes with the healing process after the cheap facelift abroad. Actually, our surgeons commonly ask the patients to quit smoking during the recovery time after the facelift in Poland to ensure a proper healing. They often say, that nicotine can delay the recovery time, but it can even lead to tissue death. Smoking after the affordable facelift, can, in fact, shorten the facelift results and cause irreversible damage. But, if you are healed properly and you are thinking about taking up the habit again, you should know that nicotine intake can reduce vitamin A and C levels, which will harm your healthy diet and your facelift results.

    If you are interested in more details about the cheap facelift results, feel free to contact our Team. We are here, ready to help you book the best plastic surgery abroad!


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