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Facelift destinations in Poland - Prices and Payment Options

Updated November 28, 2018
ClinicHunter Ltd

If you decided to have facelift surgery done and you are looking into clinics, you might have seen offers from Polish facilities. Once you contact us, you will realize that we offer clear information of what is included in the price of your facelift abroad. We offer you blood tests, consultation with the surgeon, surgery, one night stay in the clinic, postoperative garment and medicine and final check up with the surgeon before you leave Poland. Beauty Poland can also offer you all-inclusive packages that offer stays in our partner hotels and all required transports around the city. In most of our clinics, you can pay for your cheap facelift abroad using a credit card or cash in EUR, GBP or PLN. Do not wait any longer, find out about our TOP 3 facelift destinations in Poland.

3. Professional facelift Szczecin

Szczecin is a city located in in the Northern part of Poland, near the border with Germany. Thanks to its great location, many people from Germany or Sweden chose our clinics in Szczecin to have their facelift abroad. This clinic can offer you 5 experience plastic surgeons to chose from and modern equipment. In the year 2010, the clinic was awarded first place in the Highest Quality competition at Quality International and also won the QI Services Golden Emblem. If you are looking for professional plastic surgery clinic, you should visit our facility in Szczecin.

2. High-quality facelift Warsaw

If you are looking for high-quality plastic surgery clinic, look no more. Our best clinic in Warsaw can offer you the best equipment and surgeon with many years of experience in doing facelift surgeries, not only in Poland but in many different European countries. This clinic has just been under renovation and now it is open with brand new patients rooms and operation rooms. Our Warsaw clinic is located close to the airport that offers a lot of international flights, so check if this clinic is your choice to have facelift abroad!

1. Affordable Facelift Wrocław

Wroclaw is our most popular destination for plastic surgery because our clinics there offer really affordable prices that come with great surgeons and modern interiors! We can offer you 5 different plastic surgery clinics to choose from, to make sure you get the cheapest possible price and the surgeon you want. Facelift surgery is one of our most performed surgeries in Wroclaw, that is why we highly recommend coming here to have cheap facelift abroad.

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