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What to expect after weight loss surgery abroad

Updated November 24, 2018
ClinicHunter Ltd

gastric bypassWeight loss surgery abroad is an opportunity for everyone suffering from obesity. Nowadays, an astonishingly large number of people at any age is overweight or obese, which not only causes health problems but also is a disease itself. For many people, cheap weight loss surgery is the only way to reduce weight, overcome health problems and go back to normality. Poland offers one of the cheapest weight loss surgeries and as a result has become the main destination for all who suffer from obesity.

How much weight can you loose after weight loss surgery abroad?

After your cheap weight loss surgery in Poland, you will significantly reduce your weight. Our clinics offer a variety of surgeries, including gastric sleeve Poland, gastric band Poland or gastric bypass Poland. Regardless of the procedure, you will be amazed by the results and the time of them appearing. Your surgeon will explain to you what to do, eat and how to lead your life to achieve the best possible results. Thanks to your cheap weight loss surgery abroad, you may lose 40% or even 60% of the extra weight.

How much money will you spend on weight loss surgery abroad?

The price for weight loss surgery depends on 2 factors. Firstly, your surgeon will choose the most effective type of the surgery for you. It may be a gastric sleeve, bypass or band. The price for each surgery type varies slightly. Secondly, the prices for such surgeries vary depending on a country and currency used. Poland offers one of the cheapest weight loss surgeries comparing to other countries, such as England, Germany, the USA or Norway. You may be sure that your weight loss surgery in Poland will be twice or even three times as cheap as in your country!

What are the possible side effects?

Side effects after a weight loss surgery abroad occur very rarely. It is only 10% of the patients who have really minor complications. More serious side effects touch less than 5 in 100 patients. The most frequent side effects include:

  • dumping syndrome, which happens after a patient eats a high-sugar meal;
  • constipation
  • gallstones
  • infection in wounds
  • bleeding
  • leaks in the operated body parts and organs.

Your surgeon will tell you which symptoms after a surgery might be worrying and will explain how to avoid them as well as what to do if you notice their appearance.

Diet after weight loss surgery abroad

After your weight loss surgery in Poland, your body will react to food differently than before. Your body will find it harder to absorb such nutrients as vitamin B12, iron, vitamin D, calcium or folate. In general, your diet will change significantly, as you will gradually get used to healthy, balanced meals. For a week after surgery, you will intake only liquids. Over time, you will add yoghurts, shakes rich in proteins and sorbets as well as pureed and soft solid food. Week after week, your diet will look more and more normal and finally you will live normally. Still, you will be given diet indications after weight loss surgery for the rest of your life, but the most important for you will be to eat consciously and healthily.

Beauty Poland has a many-year experience in helping obese people. We cooperate with the best clinics in Europe situated in major cities in Poland. We will provide you with the best service and professional care from the very beginning. If you have your cheap weight loss surgery in Poland, you will not only lose weight, but also improve your health, attractiveness, and psychological condition. Do not hesitate to contact us and change your life for better now!

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