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    Can I exercise after nose job?

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    girl after rhinoplastyAfter you underwent rhinoplasty abroad you may be surprised that the healing time is quicker and smoother than you expected. Also, you may feel so great that you want to start exercising again straight away. Even though you may be convinced that you are in excellent state, it may be misleading as your body may not be ready for such effort. This article aims to provide more information about physical activities after rhinoplasty.

    Recovery after rhinoplasty

    Usually, most of the patients want to resume their daily physical activities as soon as possible after plastic surgeries. Yet, even with such surgeries like rhinoplasty, it is not advisable to jump into exercising quickly as it may significantly affect the way your face heals. After any surgery your body tries to come back to balance, therefore, at this time it needs rest, fluids and healthy food. As tissues in your nose are sensitive after the surgery,  they also require some time to heal, which in turn, your nose may be susceptible to bleeding.

    If you start exercising too soon, it may turn out that healing process will be interrupted. After exercising, your blood pressure and heart rate increases so it may be a cause of nose bleeding, bruises and/or complications after the surgery. That is why you should wait with strenuous exercises.

    There are some questions about the possibility of exercising influencing appearance at the time of healing. Swelling takes some time to cede during healing process and exercises may lead to blood flow to the nose, thus, increasing swelling. After a few hours, everything should come back to normality.

    Exercise after rhinoplasty – tips

    Many patients after rhinoplasty think about coming back to their exercising regime but they do not know exactly when it would be safe to do so. As rhinoplasty is not so much invasive procedure as others and there are not many strict rules after that, it is nevertheless worth to remember that the level or workout difficulty should be adjusted to the healing time. Also, the proper time for each training session should be mainly dependant on the types of exercises.

    Start slow

    Rhinoplasty may not be so invasive procedure as a tummy tuck or breast augmentation yet it is still a surgery which requires one week to heal. After this, you may start walking around just to accustom your muscle to some effort. Although you may feel perfectly well you should wait some time after the surgery to start again your physical exercises. At least week is required before your body is able to adjust to more challenging exercises.

    Be responsible

    Most patients may start going to the gym after two weeks have passed yet it does not mean that you are able to do demanding physical exercises immediately. Usually, some light sessions for example like treadmills or cycling may be a good choice. Also, avoid aerobics and especially weight training as your nose is not prepared for this type of challenging exercises at least for two weeks.

    The moment you can introduce weights

    Only after four weeks, you should think of taking up weightlifting and some light aerobic exercises yet it also does not mean that you are able to continue your regular gym regime before the rhinoplasty in Poland. Nevertheless, it is possible for you to take up light lifting and aerobics under the professionalist’s eye. What is important is that it is not advisable to get into such extensive workout after rhinoplasty such as jumping or sudden movements even for four weeks after the procedure.

    The exact same routine

    If you were a passionate runner, enjoyed any other contact sports or heavy lifting bear in mind that it is only safe to take up them again only six months after the surgery. It may seem that it is too long but each case is different and healing process may vary from person to person, therefore you should not risk as nose bleeding and other complications may occur. Since the surgery, you should pay more attention to avoiding challenging exercises and replace them with safer alternatives until your surgeon gives you permission to start them again.

    Ask questions repeatedly

    There are so many reasons why people would like to undergo rhinoplasty. Among them are improving their appearance and other suffer from medical issues which may be tackled only by the surgery. All in all, sinus rhinoplasty is not as invasive as standard rhinoplasty which later changes the shape of the nose. Nevertheless, it is vital for you to have regular checkups and inform about any discomfort you feel. Therefore, the surgeon may assess how long the healing process will last and may advise you on the possibilities of having the safest workout again.

    When will I be able to exercise after rhinoplasty?

    Usually, after six weeks nose structures come back into place so you may take up your exercise regime freely. When three or four weeks pass patients may resume light, non-contact exercises like swimming or biking yet you should avoid those which require bouncing, for example, high-impact aerobics or jumping rope. Also running after nose job is not recommended at this stage.

    You should start exercising gradually as you had a break for some time, and most importantly, do not try to jump into the most demanding aerobics class or run the same distance as it was before the surgery. When it comes to weights try to use a lower weight and do not strain your muscles so much for over next few weeks. If you notice that your nose throbs or you do not feel good, stop exercising as these symptoms show you that your body is not ready enough.

    When it comes to contact sports you should wait even longer simply because there is a possibility for your nose to be injured, getting hit and as a consequence may be deformed or even seriously injured.

    Any contact sports like football, basketball or baseball where there is a possibility of getting hit by a ball or another person should be postponed for at least six weeks.If you practice any sport, you should consult it with your surgeon who will tell more information about your recovery time.

    Rhinoplasty is one of the beauty surgeries which may improve the comfort of your life and even change slightly your appearance. The most vital thing for those who underwent rhinoplasty surgery is recovery period where any sports, especially contact once, should be postponed for two or even six weeks as rhinoplasty risks may be higher at his time. When you finally decide to resume your exercise regime you should start it slow and if you feel even the slightest pain you should consult it with your surgeon. For more specific information call our advisors from and check our website to find out about experienced surgeons, safe nose job and cheap rhinoplasty in Poland.

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