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How to enlarge your breasts without synthetic implants?

Instead of breast mplants that can crack and leak, breasts can be enlarged by an artificially grown tissue. According to the surgeons, the outcome of such a procedure would be more natural than the synthetic implants. However, there is a limitation: the bra size will increase by only one number.

The team of Dr. Jeremy Mao of the University of Illinois have kept stem cells, which turned into fat cells, using gel medium. The gel can be prepared in any shape, the implant keeps the size and shape better than the artificial one. It also can not break or leak.

Previously, experts have tried to enlarge breasts by the use of stem cells, as well as women’s own fat tissue. However, the required amount of body fat may be difficult to obtain and would require invasive surgical intervention.

The new method involves taking stem cells from bone marrow of healthy volunteers by the use of a needle. Together with the gel “scaffolding”, the cells were implanted to eight mice. After four weeks, the stem cells developed into fat cells, and the implants retained their original dimensions. For comparison, conventional implants may in time lose 40 to 60 percent by volume.

The regenerative ability of primary cells has been used in repairing breast tissue damaged by cancer for a long time. Now the procedure will also be available for healthy women.

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