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    Facelift vs necklift – Main differences?

    Updated October 3, 2019
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Facelift and necklift are both aesthetic procedures eliminating signs of ageing. Hence, both men, and women after their 40’s often undergo them. The procedures may be performed separately, but currently patients tend to combine facelift with neck lift in order to get an optimal effect of a rejuvenated face skin.

    Things in common

    The two procedures are very similar in many aspects. They reduce the signs of ageing, eliminate sagging skin and tighten the muscles bringing back the skin elasticity. As a result, your face and neck may look even 10-15 years younger, the fat amount is normally distributed and wrinkles are hardly visible and your neck and face look refreshed, youthful and attractive.

    Regardless of the fact whether you are undergoing only a facelift or necklift procedure, or you have a combination of these two surgeries, you will be bruised and swollen for several days and need some rest after the surgery. It is advisable that it is not earlier than 2 weeks before you return to work. Nonetheless, just a necklift surgery has the fastest recovery process from all plastic surgeries.

    For more information on recovery after facelift, check our article.

    Facelift – incisions

    Facelift surgery requires incisions made in front of the ears, which allows for pulling the skin up from the cheeks in the direction of forehead. There are several types of facelifts and depending on the patient’s needs, the areas that are improved are jawline, cheeks, forehead, nose, mouth or chin areas. Thanks to facelift sagging skin, wrinkles and other visible ageing signs are removed.

    Necklift – incisions

    In necklift procedure, the surgeon pulls skin below your jawline, chin, and jowls. The required incisions need to be made behind your ears as well as below chin – in such a place that afterward they are hidden. Necklift surgery allows for significant removal of drooping and loose skin from the neck and chin, smoothing them out. Since neck and chin are highly visible area of appearance, usually smoothing them out really brings about the desired youthful result.

    Popular combinations with facelift

    However, undergoing only a neck lift or a facelift may be insufficient enough in order to look 10-15 years younger again. So patients nowadays decide more and more often to combine these two procedures, because the combination gives usually the optimal effects. If you are not certain whether you need one or two surgeries, your doctor will advise you what would be the best and provide you with the final price.

    For more details on facelift please read here, or neck lift read here.

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