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    Diet after gastric sleeve surgery abroad

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    With gastric sleeve abroad, you will have 80% of your stomach removed. Gastric sleeve Poland helps reduce weight, the patient may lose even ¾ of their excess weight. What is more, patients report that they feel less hungry due to smaller and reduced stomach! Patients claim that they are fuller after each meal. 70% of our patients reach a proper weight up to one year after surgery. To reach all benefits from gastric sleeve abroad patients should follow some restriction like keep diet, or exercising.

    What is gastric sleeve surgery Poland?

    Cheap gastric sleeve surgery nowadays is a very common straightforward procedure with low complication rates. Patients are asked to come for 5 days to Poland, we suggest Wrocław or Katowice air port, as the air ports are the closest to our clinic. Once patient land in Poland, we organize private driver who will pick patient from air port and bring to the hotel. Then all medical examinations like blood tests, urine test, chest X-rays, lungs and stomach tests. Then when you got all examinations, the patient will have the personal consultation with the surgeon. It is crucial to prepare some questions, even write them down, so you will not forget to ask them. The next day, that is your surgery day. Prior to surgery, you will have followed your two-week pre-op diet. You should know what to bring to the hospital. And you’ll know all eating rules, take it seriously and do not cheat. Surgery is performed under local or general anaesthetic. After the procedure, you will stay 3 nights in the hospital to recover. Of course, patients have also after surgery check ups and personal consultations.

    How is gastric sleeve surgery abroad done?

    Gastric sleeve surgery is performed under local and general anesthetic. That is laparoscopic surgery, which is done by making several small incisions and using small instruments and a camera to guide the surgery (laparoscopic approach). While surgery more than half of stomach is removed, generally that is 20% – 30% of patients stomach which left leaving a thin vertical sleeve, or tube, that is about the size of a banana. Surgical staples keep your new stomach closed. One of the main advantages of the gastric sleeve that is fact that surgery is not revisable, you do not have to have any further surgeries. For example, with the gastric balloon, you have to have one surgery to install the balloon, and the other surgery to remove the balloon.

    What medications should be taken after gastric sleeve surgery in Poland?

    Since after surgery you will be eating so much less, the doctor suggests having a daily intake of vitamins and supplements to make up the difference. Calcium, Iron, B group vitamins are most important. The surgeon will give you a list of vitamins. Of course, after surgery, you will have some medications in case bacterial disease, inflammation, clots, and pain also.

    What should I eat after gastric sleeve surgery in Poland?

    First of all, you should keep your diet given by the doctor. For sure you need to take daily vitamins and minerals. Eating proteins are crucial, proteins should be most important in your diet, but you should remember about fruits and vegetables too.

    There are 4 steps of diet after gastric sleeve surgery:

    1. Clear liquids only – the hardest time, which lasts 7 days after surgery
    2. Add thicker drinks & smooth foods  – it is advised to eat protein shakes, yogurt, sorbets. Meals should be lactose and sugar free.
    3. Slowly test pureed & soft solid foods – the patient is allowed to eat fish, eggs, cooked vegetables, it is crucial to eat at least 60g of proteins daily.
    4. Slowly test solid foods – patient may return to normal healthy diet, but there are some restrictions: you must not eat starchy foods like rice, bread, and pasta and lactose products

    What I cannot eat after gastric sleeve surgery in Poland?

    It is hard to write down all meals or products which are not allowed to eat. The patient should follow diet rules, eat healthy and well-maintained diet. For sure junk food, pasta, white bread, sweets are not recommended. Patients must be aware that surgery itself will not help them lose weight. That is smaller food intake, light meals, daily exercising which will make you loose sizes and weight.

    Beuty Poland for more than 10 years helps patients reach the healthy weight. We saw many metamorphoses which motivate us to work harder and better. Feel free to contact us to receive any further details about your weight loss surgery.  Our price for gastric sleeve surgery is 5500 GBP, that is all inclusive package. Price does not include flight tickets only, but tickets to Poland will cost you less than 100 GBP. Great deal, is not it? We believe you deserve to lead better, healthier life! Do not wait any longer!

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