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    Plastic Surgery Clinics in Wroclaw

    Updated September 18, 2018

    Clinic in Wroclaw - ChiroplasticaChiroplastica Wroclaw

    Check one of the best plastic surgery clinics in Wroclaw – Chiroplastica. There you will find the best medical care, latest surgical methods, and modern equipment, which will make your stay and plastic surgery treatment in Wroclaw pleasant and safe. Chiroplastyca provides all types of plastic surgery procedures:  liposuction, breast surgery, tummy tuck, facelift, rhinoplasty, neck lift, fat graft and many more.

    Surgery room Wroclaw - CoramedCoramed Wroclaw

    Book your visit to the modern and professional plastic surgery clinic – Coramed Wroclaw. The clinic offers you almost every procedure aiming at improving human body. From facial procedures like facelift, eyelid, nose surgery to body plastic surgeries and aesthetic medicine, for such as: tummy tuck, breast surgery, vaginoplasty, gynecomastia or liposuction in Poland. Even rarest procedures can be performed in our plastic surgery center with the certainty of highest quality and safety. For our patients Coramed also offers post-surgery care, stay in the clinic overnight and all the necessary medicines.

    Prestige clinic Wroclaw Prestige Clinic Wroclaw

    Visit professional plastic surgeons in Prestige Clinic Wroclaw. They specialize in improving any imprefections of a human body, restoring youthful, healthy looks and making you feel beautiful and perfect. Prestige Clinic characterize by the long-term experience, high qualifications and extraordinary skills of surgeons, who always provide the highest standards of patients’ care. Contact our consutlants and find out more about the qulifications and experience of doctors in Wroclaw.  Offered plastic surgeries: tummy tuck, liposuction, fat graft, otoplasty, breast implants, neck lift, facelift, nose surgery and more.

    Recommended Accommodation

    Scandic Hotel in WroclawScandic Hotel in Wroclaw is located in the city center and has an easy access to tourist attractions, entertainment, restaurants and cafes. The hotel provides all the useful facilities and services such as fitness center, wireless Wi-fi, restaurant and bar and of course modern, comfortable rooms in various standards. In the hotel you will feel comfortable and relaxed.

    Wroclaw Points of Interest

    Wroclaw is a wonderful city, that is recommended for holidays by tourists from all over the world. It has a unique atmosphere and many attractions that will impress even the most demanding visitors. One cannot be bored in this city full of variety. You will find here a number of sightseeing destinations, places full of history, entertainment and exciting night-life, as well as relaxation and cosy corners to rest and enjoy the nature.
    The Main Square in Wroclaw is one of the characteristics of Poland. Its unique, colorful architecture is known by every Polish citizen. It is the first place to visit in Wroclaw and the best destination for a relaxing walk. Here you will find a lot of attractions to sightsee, many museums, galleries, churches and other places to visit and get to know the Polish history.  

    What can be found on the Main Square of Wrocław?

    – the old Town Hall
    – the new Town Hall
    – atmospheric city passages between old buildings
    – Plac Solny (Salt Square)
    – antique tenements
    – cultural events and performances
    – fountains and monuments
    – horse cabs
    The botanic garden in Wroclaw is a must-see on your sightseeing list. Nowhere else in the world can you find such a wonderful nature, unique plants and relaxing, calm atmosphere. What additionally needs to be seen, not only by nature-lovers, is the extraordinary oriental park- the Japanese Garden. You will find here not only oriental plants but also the Japanese art and gardening style. Take a nice boat trip on the Odra river, which is a wonderful activity for families with children and a romantic cruise for pairs.
    For those who like sightseeing and visiting historical places, churches and art centers, we recommend Ostrów Tumski. It is the religious center of the city, which is situated on an island near the city. Now it is connected to the mainland, but still its surrounding will make you feel like on an island. You will find here a few beautiful churches, a number of old buildings enchanting every tourist with its magnificent architecture.