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    Depression After Rhinoplasty – Is It Normal?

    Updated November 24, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    part of face after the plastic surgeryRhinoplasty is an operation of the nose, usually to make it smaller or to correct its shape. Patients undergo this sort of procedure to feel confident or more beautiful in case of the nose that is unproportional in relation to the face or when the shape is considered not fitting the face in the right way. Finding the perfect nose shape can really change life in a dramatic way. It is not merely the matter of physical beauty, but also confidence and feeling good in Your body. Sometimes it can be a factor that will unblock certain career of model, actor or public speaker.

    You may see many examples of public figures who underwent this sort of procedures and are very happy about it. The one thing that is usually missed from the media picture of the nose surgery is a short time afterward, when even very positive patients may experience some anxiety.

    Is this common after rhinoplasty?

    Although this change is usually much anticipated by patients, it is really common to experience emotional changes after a nose job or even post rhinoplasty depression. Usually, during the first days patients experience swelling, don’t like their nose reflection in the mirror and have part of their faces covered in bandages. Because of that, it is hard to estimate how new nose will look and the only thing that is visible is a bandage. This can be a reason to feel let down after rhinoplasty, which at this moment doesn’t feel like a good decision. Usually, this feeling disappears during the next days or weeks, as face looks better and finally patients can see their new, beautiful noses.

    Will I have a depression after rhinoplasty?

    Many people do not experience it, and others ask themselves will I have a depression after rhinoplasty when they start to feel low in the first days post op. These feelings are normal and are nothing to worry about. The only thing You have to remember is although depression immediately after the operation is quite normal, You should talk to Your doctor and/or psychologist if it continues for weeks afterward. Usually, the long-lasting depression is not connected to rhinoplasty in any way and needs medical treatment as it would in any other circumstances. If it is something that passes in a matter of weeks, there is nothing to worry about as it is a natural reaction post operation like this.

    Is depression after rhinoplasty normal?

    It is absolutely normal to feel teary, let down or sad after the operation, especially after rhinoplasty abroad, when You have to stay in the different setting for a few days afterwards and are far away from Your friends and family. If You ask Yourself: “is depression after rhinoplasty normal?” it is advisable to take rest, call Your friends and wait for a few days, as it usually gets better with time.It is fairly easy to feel sad alone in a new setting, but in a few days You will probably get a more positive outlook and enjoy the effects of Your decision.

    Why do people feel down after nose surgery?

    Many people experience emotional changes after a nose job or even Post Rhinoplasty Depression. First of all compared to some other plastic surgeries, such as lip correction, nose operation is quite a serious procedure. It can be painful and the healing process takes some time. That is why it can feel exhausting at times during first days after the operation. Patients usually don’t think before the operation about the practical complications, like for example problems or discomfort for the first days while sneezing or sleeping. With time usually emotional changes after nose Job vanish.

    The other thing is looking in the mirror for the first times after taking off the bandages. Patient must start feeling comfortable with his new face and even a little change in the nose size can result in a big change in an overall appearance. Although this changes are usually positive, it can take some time to get used to it. It may be especially hard for the people who get recognition from their faces or work with their appereance, like sales assistants, models or public speakers. It may take some time to get to know the new face.

    Rhinoplasty anesthesia

    Like every other anesthesia, it can be tiring and confusing after waking up. Many patients after rhinoplasty anesthesia are not fully awake and present or the first few hours, which combined with pain and changes to their appearance can be quite stressful. The other thing is the type of medication prescribed after the operation. Some potent pain medications can also trigger an emotional reaction.

    Emotional changes after nose job

    New nose sometimes can result in quite unexpected reactions from family and friends or even the patient itself. This can be surprising and confusing, but usually, it too will get back to normal after Your family members or friends will get used to Your new appearance. Post operation depression happens with any kind of plastic surgery and it can involve feeling of guilt or regret. It is important to remember, that these feelings will pass. It is also good to know about these changes before and prepare for them. For example, finding the right doctor that You can trust and the hotel in which you feel comfortable can make things easier after the rhinoplasty.

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