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    Cosmetic Surgery or Plastic Surgery: What’s the Difference?

    Updated November 29, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Plastic surgery procedure in Poland is any surgery, on any part of the body that changes form and/or function. The root derives from Greek meaning  “to form or to shape.” And, by the way, contrary to common opinion, plastic surgery does not infer that “plastic” parts are automatically used. Plastic surgery was performed thousands of years before people even invented plastic.

    There are two types of plastic surgery:

    Reconstructive surgery

    There is reconstructive surgery  which is to restore appearance and function to a pre-injury or pre-tumor state. The most common reconstructive procedures are skin grafting for burns, covering bad sores with natural tissue, correcting congenital deformities, management of burns, repairing auto injuries, limb transplantation, cancer removal and tissue reconstruction. Reconstructive plastic surgery has been performed for hundreds of years; some rudimentary repair procedures were done thousands of years ago during the ancient times.

    Cosmetic surgery

    Cosmetic surgery is a much more limited branch of plastic surgery. Cosmetic procedures ‘goal is to improve nature by changing our natural appearance or by reversing the signs of aging. Among the most performed procedures are the ones that make us look better and/or younger, such as facelift procedure in Poland, breast enlargement, rhinoplasty or botox.

    The first documented cosmetic surgical procedures on the face were performed late in the nineteenth century. But most advances in cosmetic surgery have occurred in the last 40 years.

    Now remember – all cosmetic surgery is plastic surgery, but not all plastic surgery is cosmetic surgery!

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