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    Consequences of being (un)attractive

    Updated November 29, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    What is beautiful is also good!

    noseThe social and cultural importance of a person being attractive or not was actually underestimated for a very long time. A slogan which soon came into use was what is beautiful is also good. Although sounding very stereotypical, it was proven that this was how beautiful, attractive people were perceived by society: as having more good personality traits, generally as better than others, in many ways. What’s even more interesting, is that this is not just bound to European or western beauty standards, and not also young but older generations as well. If you want to make a plastic surgery procedure but can not afford it in your country, Beauty Poland is a perfect solution for you. With our help, you will have a high-quality plastic surgery at price even twice lower than in the UK or Germany.  

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    Among the positive characteristics often attributed to attractive people are: successful career, intelligence, openness, sexual strength, good sense of humour, assertiveness, physical and mental health. Liposuctions in Poland and rhinoplasty procedure are the most popular among people who want to improve their appearance. Studies show that in work environment, the performance of better-looking people is judged more favourably than the others. Scientists also argue that kind, positive words coming from attractive people seem even more kind and more positive. Good-looking face creates a tendency for positive perception of any kind of stimuli received by the observer or interlocutor. 

    However, there is also the other side of the coin, a little less colourful. Attractive people are also often said to be more arrogant, self-centred, vain and lacking modesty. This is due to the general opinion that beautiful people spend more time focusing on their looks, clothes, outer appearance and generally on themselves.

    Being attractive helps in life!

    jobThe positive evaluation of attractive, beautiful people automatically results in their better treatment. Pretty newborn babies receive more affection (shown through embracing, tender words, etc.)  from their mothers than their less-attractive counterparts. A life-example might be that people are more likely to adopt prettier-looking children as they tend to be perceived as those better-behaved and talented. What is also shown from life experience, is that  if you are regarded as attractive, people are more willing to help you, to trust you, treat you honestly and ask you for advice. They would also want you to like them.

    Beautiful people enjoy a considerable social prestige, they can effectively influence others, their arguments during disputes seem more sound. They can even more easily persuade you to buy something and they would usually win in a lawsuit. Prettier waitresses receive higher tips and often get paid more, which is often on par with getting a promotion for better job prospects. Attractive candidates are more likely to win elections as the electorate will easily remember their faces rather than facts from their biography or what they actually say during debates.

    This may be hard to accept (especially from a point of view of less-blessed person when it comes to looks… ) but this is how society works, although, of course, it seems extremely unfair!

    All these facts make plastic surgery and esthetic medicine more and more popular, as people began to understand that their appearance is important not only for the self-esteem but also for their career and success in life! Beauty Poland can help you to book your appointment at our modern plastic surgery clinic in Poland. Meet our experienced surgeons and get the appearance of your dream! 

     The article is based on the work of  Krzysztof Kościński (Instytut Antropologii, Uniwersytet im. A. Mickiewicza)   “Atrakcyjność twarzy”

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