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    The connection between breast implants and sex life

    Updated November 24, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    breast after enlargementWomen’s breasts major function is feeding the baby. Nature gave breast another feature, breast is the attractive part of woman body for men. The breast should be a reason of pleasure, physical one, for both woman and man. Actually, many of women have complexes regarding own breasts, their size, or irregular shape. Women are often not pleased with small breast and look for cheap breast implants surgery in Poland, as men are said to like big breast and protruding nipple. Do you know what nipples and breast said about your lover? Who cares most about boobs size? Let’s check.

    In many resources, scientists say that men are not focused on boobs size as much as women think. Reports say that pretty face, round buttocks, and hips, long legs are more important and more attractive for men than large breasts. Nevertheless, small or saggy breast is one of most frequently met women complex. The problem affects their self-conscious, sex life, and interactions between males. That is why more and more women decide to perform breast enlargement. The nowadays procedure is more affordable, especially abroad. Every year millions of women travel all over the world to perform breast enlargement. Poland is one of the most frequent destinations in Europe.

    Let’s check best in details. Woman breast is combined with tissue, gland, and fat. Mostly, the breast size is genetically saved, fat which creates the breast volume may increase and gone. It increases while woman put on weight, starts hormone treatment, get pregnant. It goes while woman loses weight, stop breast feeding, some serious illness causes saggy breasts, too.

    The most woman likes breast necking and any stimulation in the breast area, which is very sensitive to them. Some of the women may reach orgasm while breast stimulation, for other breast stimulation, is the perfect start for vaginal sex. Scientists say that big breast is less sensitive to a stimulus, as the nerves and blood supply system is weaker due to their large size. So it means that smaller breast feels more and easier to hurt. Watch out with nipples biting!

    Women, during their lactation, are not likely to touch their nipples and breast, as breast are swollen and hurt them. It is better to avoid touching and stimulating nipples area, men should focus on lower parts of breast, chest or neck instead, or maybe back massage will fire her?

    Colors of the breast have some meanings. Did you know, that blush is very often signed that woman is in extasy or will have the orgasm soon? Blush may occur breasts, tummy neck. Nipples may inform about coming orgasm, or woman desire, too. The nipples size may increase 25% while having sex, what is more, sometimes veins are visible in nipples, because of higher blood pressure.

    All in all, many women say that breast implants boosted their self-confidence, repair and improve their sex life. Some claims that they feel more attractive and pretty. Some perform surgery for themselves, some want to make a gift for their partner. There are many reasons, but benefits are similar. Breast enlargement surgery makes the woman happier. Beauty Poland helps every day many women to organize their breast implant surgery. In our offer we have round implants for volume lovers, tear drop implants which provide the natural effect. Both have a saline or silicone option. The procedure of breast enlargement in Poland starts from 2500 GBP. That is the price for world known brand, Eurosilicone with life time warranty of implant. Do not hesitate any longer and contact us for the fuller breast.

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