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    How to choose breast implants size?

    Updated November 23, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Breast implants sizeDespite the fact that the choice in choosing breast augmentation procedure is mainly for ladies with tiny breasts, the implant’s size could be a dilemma for them. The simplest way is to gather all the necessary information and consult your doctor to arrive at the best alternative.

    The average size of breast implants varies from 100 to 1000 cubic centimetres. One ml is adequate to one ml, or about 0.3 ounces. The prevailing sizes vary from 300 to 400 cc. They additionally vary in terms of their diameter and height. With such a large number of implant sizes, arriving at the correct one isn’t as easy as it may seem to be.

    It’s not a wise plan to inform your doctor that you wish an implant almost the same as that of the model you saw. Analysis displays that the majority of corrective implant surgeries are revision procedures done to change initial implant sizes

    Factors to consider before breast implants in Poland

    Your Desired look

    One of the simplest ways to work out your desired look with safe breast implants is to consider the size, breast proportions, form and positioning. After thorough consideration and consultation, you should provide the operating surgeon with a transparent plan of what you’ve got in mind so that it decreases confusion.

    Size isn’t the sole appearance-related issue you’ll consider. Do you need your new breasts to remain within the same position on your chest as the previous ones or would consider moving them around? Do you have a specific breast size in mind or would you like to give the surgeon more freedom in deciding about it? Additionally, when it comes to deciding about implant size it also vital to take into account the perkiness of your breasts and the amount of cleavage you wish once you’re wearing sporting bras and low-cut shirts.

    During the consultation with your surgeon, we suggest taking your friend with you so that you may take into consideration a second opinion on the shapes and implant sizes that fit best for you. Do not cling to one option and try to check out on some choices that you have not considered yet.

    Symmetry is another issue to consider.  Some women’s natural breasts are not the same exact sizes, therefore the surgeon will either preserve that asymmetry or will correct it with implants.

    Fashion designers do not have the same methodology for measuring this, therefore you may find yourself providig your surgeon with wrong data. Additionally, a C cup on shorter women appears to be considerably different in size and form in comparison to taller women.

    The larger the implant sizes, there is a great possibility that you will face sagging. If you wish to have high profile breasts, you ought to ask for smaller implants that suit your body.

    Your Lifestyle

    The activities you do everyday play a vital role for your choice on breast implant selection. You would like to have a perfect size that doesn’t interfere with your favourite interests as you don’t want to be unsatisfied with your breasts after a surgical procedure or  suffer from pain in your back

    Athletes, mainly, should especially be careful when deciding on breast implant sizes because they spend a considerable amount of time being physically active, which in turn, puts loads of pressure on your breasts. As you would prefer a smaller size which can be suitable for your workout, you would also need breasts that won’t disturb during exercising.

    In case you lead a more sedate lifestyle, you should not have any problems with large breast implant sizes. Another thing to think over is your clothing style. Do you enjoy short dresses when you go out? Larger sizes with plenty of cleavages look outstanding. Are you more in favour of button-down shirts and blazers in your workspace?

    Other Factors Influencing Your Ideal Breast Implant Sizes

    Your breast size can be an issue to the overall breast implant sizes. You generally require to have sufficient breast tissue to fit your preferred size. It’s possible that you can now not be capable of getting the size you want, however, it may turn out to be a better decision so that they will perfectly suit your body. If your shoulders are broad, you can have fitted larger implant sizes.

    In case you plan to get pregnant within the following couple of years, you should postpone the idea of breast implant surgery. Breast milk and hormones will make your breasts bigger and you may have a better choice of selecting breast implant sizes to serve you for a longer period of time.

    The implant type also has an impact on breast implant sizes and shapes. The teardrop implant resembles a more natural breast form through being smaller on the top and fuller at the bottom while round implants resemble circle shape.

    Breast implants should go hand in hand with your desired results and lifestyle you lead.  During the consultation with your plastic surgeon, you should pick out the right length, size, implant type so that you arrive at satisfactory results that you’ll be glad about for years. Deciding on breast implant sizes can be a tough issue when taking everything into careful consideration,  yet you’ll be for sure glad about results afterwards.

    What should you do choosing breast implants size?

    Size up Your Anatomy First

    There is no other alternative for correct measurements. The surgeon ought to check how wide your chest is, the width of your breasts and the gap between your breasts.

    One more crucial element is skin laxity or looseness. You need to have abundant tissue to cover the breast implant. It is also crucial to ensure that your breasts are symmetrical

    Discuss Your Goals

    Discuss with your surgeon your preferences concerning breast size. Take with you pictures of breasts which you would like to have. Inform your surgeon what results you would like to achieve and be as clear as possible. This would of great help to your surgeon to get a correct idea of what you want.

    Probably, you may only look for a small (less than a cup size) enlargement, if yes, breast augmentation fat grafting can be a good solution. Regarding this type of surgery, fat is transferred from an area of your body in which you’ve got lots of it (thighs or tummy) and put into your breast.  Fat transfer to the breast is likewise used in the tuberous breasts surgery,  just to correct any imperfections after breast reconstruction or augmentation with conventional implants.

    Forget About Bra Size

    Bra sizes are not always equal to each other. A Victoria’s Secret C is not the same as Warner’s C as there’s no actual standardization. Consequently, informing your surgeon that you wish to have a C or a D does not indicate precisely what you want. It is only a general idea of cup sizes, therefore, cannot be a final word in choosing the desired implant size

    Breast augmentation abroad is one of the best options to make your breast look more aesthetic and natural  If you consider cheap boob job in Poland do not hesitate but contact our advisor and ask for more information. An affordable breast enlargement is a good option for having the surgery performed by highly experienced surgeons and for affordable prices usually competitive with others in Europe.

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