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Cheek implants: facial cosmetic procedures in Poland

Potential patients for cheeks enlargement are:

– people with bony cheeks
– people with very sharp features
– people with not balanced facial contour

Potential patients should:

– understand all aspects of the cheek surgery
– know what to expect after the surgery
– know what can be expected in a particular case

Information for patients before cheek implant surgery:

– make sure your surgeon is experienced and trained in this type of surgery
– talk to your surgeon about the surgery and whether this type of surgery is right for you
– ask your surgeon about the risks and complications associated with the surgery
– make sure you know what you expect
– ask for pictures before and after surgery of other patients

cheek implants abroad

Cheek Implants – The course of treatment:

Silicone implants cheeks are made in different shapes and sizes.
Cheek implant surgery can be performed with other facial procedures such as forehead lift, eyebrow lift, facelift, eye correction. The implants can be inserted through the incision used for other procedure. If the operation involves only this particular treatment, the incision is made inside the upper lip, near the gums. The surgeon selects the appropriate size and shape of the implants and after preparation of the pocket, they are put on or below the cheek bones, enlarging the cheek. Then the incisions are closed with sutures that the body absorbs. The procedure takes about 40-60 minutes. It is usually performed under local anesthesia.
Such surgical procedures are also used to correct asymmetries and congenital defects.

Such a procedure is relatively simple and safe, but like any surgical procedure, may entail certain risks, which include:

– infection
– bleeding
– asymmetry
– subcutaneous haemorrhage
– numbness
– swelling
– loss of sensation
– shifting of the implant

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