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    Cheap hair transplant Poland – what are the most common reasons for hair loss?

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Hair loss that is the problem which meets all our society, both man, and woman. Each person losses form 50 – 100 grafts every day, but when you lose more, it might be the begging of the serious hair loss. There is no rule regarding hair loss, no matter what age, sex, ethnic you are, hair loss may happen to everyone at any age. It seems that men start losing hair quicker, in younger age. Doctors report that some patients over 21 struggle with hair loss problem. For woman hair loss might be less prominent, as most women notice their hair loss in their late 50s or even 60s. The reason why hair starts to loss is still not discovered completely. Doctors still do some researchers to discover why some hair follicles are programmed to grow shorter than others. Below you might see some, suggested by experts, reasons why hair start to lose and how to stop it. Beauty Poland offers cheap hair transplant in Poland check our website for more details or contact our consultants.

    Physical stress

    I think that is the most common reason. Nowadays people live under great pressure, work hard, life is fast and full of everyday stress. Many of us do not have time to relax after work, while weekend. Doctors claim that many patients do not know how to relax, how to calm down, how to throw stress out of head, mind, muscles, body. Daily routine full of stress may start hair loss. What is more, some events like the death in the family, divorce, new job, new family member, serious illness in the family for sure will result in prominent hair loss. Maybe you notice, that after the stressful event, the week you may see more hair on your pillow, more gray/ silver hair in temples area it is all stress.


    That is the more feminine problem after pregnancy, after reaching menopause many woman struggle with hormonal imbalance.  First of all, woman, especially after pregnancy, should check estrogen level. During and after pregnancy, the level of estrogen changes which causes sudden hair loss for many women. Secondly, women should check insulative level. Insulin that is the hormone which is in charge of sugar level in blood. European Journal of Cardiovascular Risk published documents that women with some markers of insulin resistance are in the group with the higher risk for androgenic alopecia (AGA), or female pattern baldness. The third hormone to check is testosterone, which is not the only male hormone. Too high level of testosterone results in hair grown on face, neck, check, arms, back, but on the other hand, the hair starts to lose.  The last to check is thyroid, low thyroid level the cause thinning scalp.


    Scientists checked at the genes of 23000 men who suffered from hair loss, they found 63 genes which responded for early male pattern baldness. Some of these genes included skin color, bone density, and height (or lack thereof). True a key gene for baldness is on the X chromosome, which you get from your mother, it is not the only genetic factor in play since men with bald fathers have an increased chance of going bald when compared to men whose fathers have a full set of hair. While twin studies have confirmed male pattern baldness to be genetically determined, scientists say baldness anywhere in your family may be a sign of your own impending fate.

    Cosmetic procedures

    Any cosmetic procedures, such as dyeing hair, perms, shampooing too often, use the excess of lotions, scrubs, peelings may result in hair loss. What is more, usage of roles, hot curlers, or any heat procedures will weak, damage your hair which leads to hair loss. Do not worry, all of these procedures, do not cause baldness it may only increase hair loss.

    Medical conditions

    There are some illnesses which result in hair loss, such as lupus, diabetes, anemia or any eating disorders. Some vitamins and mineral lack may lead to greater hair loss. In the market, there are many superfoods, supplements which support hair and stop hair loss process. Patients should intake iron, selenium, zinc, niacin, vitamin D, A, E, and biotin. Antioxidants are suggested also, the diet should be full of raw fruits and vegetables.

    Beauty Poland offers several types of hair loss procedures. Feel free to contact us, tell us your story, explain what effects, what results would you like to have. Our specialist MD Artur Sandelewski has long experience with hair loss. His experience is longer than 25 years of everyday consultations regarding hair issues and aesthetic procedures. Doctor Sandelewski helps patients from whole Europe, mostly from UK, Ireland some from the USA. Contact us to book a free video consultation, or you may visit Poland for a personal consultation so you will be able to discuss hair transplant Poland. Doctor meets patients in Warszawa, Katowice or Bielsko Biała.

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