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    What is cellulite and how to eliminate it? Mesotherapy in Poland

    Updated November 24, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Cellulite is a disease of the subcutaneous tissue with destabilization of the ratio between the connective tissue that builds the skin and fatty tissue which is unequally distributed. The best option for definitley remove cellulite is mesotherapy procedure.

    The skin is like a sponge with uneven grooves similar to the orange peel.

    mesotherapy in Poland

    Places of cellulite occurrence:

    Cellulite can appear in various body parts, but mostly on:
    – thighs
    – hips
    – buttocks
    – knees
    – arms
    The first signs appear on the outside of the thighs.

    Cellulite diagnosis:

    The easiest way to diagnose cellulite is to gently pull the sking with the thumb and index finger. The skin should resemble orange peel.

    What causes cellulite?

    – improper diet
    – fast food
    – hot spices
    – alcohol
    – smoking
    – meals rich in sugars and animal fats
    – problems with the nervous, digestive or cardiovascular systems
    – hormonal disorders: connected with the adolescence and menopause
    – genetic factors: cellulite is more common in women
    – type of body structure: – people with narrow shoulders and broad hips are prone to cellulite and overweight. Those who are slim, tall, with long legs, narrow hips, do not tend to have cellulite.
    – lifestyle: work in a sitting or standing position favors the formation of cellulite
    – low physical activity
    – problems with kidneys, heart, lungs, chronic diseases, long-term infections.

    Types of cellulite:

    Hard- occurs in case of older women, dancers, athletes
    Soft- occurs during pregnancy or after pregnancy, during or after the menopause
    Water- associated with impaired blood circulation and lymph flow, which leads to water retention in the tissues
    Fatty – appears in case of obesity (see: liposuction in Poland), because fat cells increase in volume and squeeze the nerve endings.

    mesotherapy in Poland

    Prevention, home-methods of treatment:

    – maintaining a stable weight by diet and exercises
    – not wearing tight clothes
    – exercises such as running, swimming, cycling, fitness
    – not wearing high-heeled shoes higher than 5 cm
    – avoiding hot baths
    – avoiding excessive sun
    – massage (offices offering various types of massage)
    – useing anti-cellulite cosmetics (the reduce the visibility of cellulite, but they do not help without the
    above recommendations)
    – not smoking
    – avoiding alcohol

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