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    Case Study – rhinoplasty in Poland – Elizabeth

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Elizabeth Hardman is 48 woman from Liverpool, UK. She says she was always unsatisfied with her nose appearance, however, some breathing problems were always present as well. ‘I had no friends in high school. I know it might seem funny now, but trust me, it wasn’t when I was 17’- she confesses – ‘kids this age can be awful and I remember that very clearly.’As she was getting older she got used to her appearance and accepted it. ‘Once I grew up I understood that I have to accept my appearance to be happy. I also met my husband who loves me the way I am. That was enough for me back then.’

    But breathing problems still persisted. Elizabeth was complaining her breath was loud and whistling, especially at night. She tried various drugs, in order to improve the ability to breathe, before her doctor advised rhinoplasty. ‘I was really busy that time, I was working full time, having two small kids and, first of all, I  never had enough money’. She was right, rhinoplasty in the UK is very expensive in comparison to rhinoplasty in Poland.

    The decision to go to Poland

    Another few years passed and finally, Elizabeth got to know about the possibility to undertake the treatment in Poland. Her son’s girlfriend, who is Polish,  was the first one to talk her through the topic. She helped Elizabeth to contact Beauty Poland on the internet.

    ‘I asked Ola to be my interpreter but it wasn’t needed. Everybody speaks good English out there’. Once Elizabeth got to know that she may pay less than half of the price she was given in the UK she immediately decided to come to Poland. ‘There were always more important things to do and to pay for, I gave up my hope long ago. But both my sons insisted on me to finally do something only for myself, not for everyone around.

    ‘The consultant was really helpful and polite. She helped us to find cheap plane tickets and to arrange the stay in Poland.’

    First visit

    Elizabeth and her husband took a direct plane from Liverpool to Wroclaw. Once they reached Poland a taxi took them to the comfortable hotel. The next day she had a consultation with the doctor and all the necessary tests done. ‘The doctor was a lovely woman who explained everything in details. If it comes to your health, you want to be treated with a professional and personal attitude. She did her best to tell me how the procedure looks like’.

    The next day was the day. Elizabeth had her surgery. ‘Once I woke up I felt safe and comfortable. The staff was extremely helpful and – Harry was there for me.’. After the night Elizabeth was able to leave the clinic. Although the swelling was still there, she could enjoy the free time with her husband while waiting for necessary check-ups in the clinic. ‘We had a city tour in Wroclaw, I had no idea it is such a beautiful city!’ Harry says. They both laugh a lot while describing that period rather as a honeymoon than a medical experience.

    Last Day in Poland

    On the last day, the taxi took Elizabeth and Harry to the clinic, where the doctor saw her and gave useful guidelines. Elizabeth decided not to remove the stitches in Poland as she wanted to come back to work as soon as possible. ‘The surgeon said I can easily remove them in the UK and I did it the day after I came back to Liverpool.’.

    ‘I would like to say thank you to Beauty Poland and my patient advisor, Karolina. That was a lovely experience although I thought I will be never brave enough to have my rhinoplasty done. Many thanks to Ola, currently my son’s future wife for giving me that brilliant idea!’ sums up Elizabeth.

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