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    Case study – Hair transplant Poland – Brad

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Brad, a banker from London, contacted Beauty Poland in January 2017. He has experienced a rapid hair loss and wanted to change his looks. As he says it was his “New Year’s resolution”. Brad told us that he requires a hair transplant. He is only 34, however, he started losing his hair just in his mid 20s, this process accelerated in the last 2 years. A huge part of the hair loss was his genetics, but also stress. Bald spots made him feel less confidente, as it made him look a lot older.

    The decision to have hair transplant in Poland

    He told us “I was using those shampoos and conditioners and supplements and anything else that could magically prevent my hair loss. But it was not working. Now I feel stupid that I have even believed in those methods.” Brad decided to turn his life around and started looking for hair transplant surgeons. He states: “I found a great surgeon in London, he is actually very well known. I have even made an appointment for my first consultation. The clinic was amazing, I felt really good there. The doctor talked to me and examined my head. He said that I needed 2000 grafts which was… 8500 pounds!!! I was shocked. Started even considering it but this is a crazy amount of money. Don’t get me wrong, I am not poor but… come on, this was just insane.” Brad decided to look around for different places and was just randomly searching the web. He came across the Beauty Poland website and got intrigued.

    Hair transplant price in Poland

    He says, that he couldn’t believe that prices for the same procedure can be that much lower abroad and that so many people decided on traveling for the procedures. Brad called us to get some further information. After the conversation, he sent us the photos of his head, which we have shown to our surgeon. He stated that he can observe the baldness prominent on both sides of the forehead and also qualified him for 2000 grafts. The total price for the transplant was 4000 British Pounds. Brad comments: “I was astonished. Not only it took only 2 days, and I didn’t even have to leave the house, but the price was amazing! 50% less than doing it in the UK! And it was covering everything, so there were no additional fees for consultations, check-ups, medication or lotions! Also what I really liked is that my consultant clearly stated who the surgeon is, what is his name and where the clinic is. I have also seen my doctor’s resume and, obviously, did my own research on the web. It turned out that he is a well-known specialist, who have attended various courses and internships abroad and has performed over a thousand hair transplant surgeries. And the reviews of his work looked very promising.”

    Hair transplant procedure in Poland

    Later that week Brad has chosen a date and booked the appointment. For the whole procedure, he was required to come to Poland for 3 days. To make everything even easier, he has also decided on booking the “all-inclusive package”, which covered his accommodation and the transfers during the stay. When he landed at the Warsaw Chopin airport we picked him up and took him for medical tests. This is how he reflects on the trip: “I was a little nervous at first, but also very excited. When I got off the plane, there was the driver waiting for me at the terminal holding a card with my name. He was actually a funny guy so he made my anxiety go away. He drove me to the clinic, where I had some simple blood tests performed. It also calmed me down, as everything looked very professional. After the tests, I was picked up and dropped off at the hotel. I left my luggage and went out to see the city and do a little bit of sightseeing, then had amazing dinner which was pierogies. I recommend them to everybody now” – he laughs. The next day we took Brad to the clinic, where he had the consultation with the doctor, who explained the whole procedure, after-care, and recovery process. After that the actual hair transplant procedure took place. The doctor has used the FUE method.

    Hair transplant surgery in Poland

    Brad says: “The surgery was quite long – it took 7 hours. I was awake at that time but didn’t feel anything, so I was just talking to the nurses, watching Graham Norton show or even taking a nap. When it was done I did not experience any pain or discomfort, so that was a plus. But I did feel kind of tired so I just went straight to the hotel to rest.” On the last day, Brad went to the clinic again for a check-up. Everything looked just fine and doctor considered the transplant a huge success. Brad was able to travel backhoe the same day. Just after he landed in London, we received a great feedback from him, and that’s what he wrote us: “I am back home now and I just want to say one thing: thank you. You truly did a great job and I hope I was working with such professionals on a daily basis. Everything you did was perfect, the whole process was easy and quick. Thank you for answering all of my questions and just being there whenever I needed. Thank you for making my dream come true. I think the trip has changed me, I already feel more confident, even though there is no change in my appearance yet. But I also want to thank you for offering your services. I paid so much less for such a highly qualified surgeon!”.

    The effects of the hair transplant and the changes in the look of the head are a long process, which takes up to a year. Every day new hair is growing, so it takes some time to observe the final result. Just recently, Brad has sent us the photos of his head with a comment that he is really happy after the cheap hair transplant in Poland. He enjoys his new look and boosted confidence. We are still in touch with him and following up about the outcomes, which are going to get even better!

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