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    Case study – Breast implants Poland – Johanna

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Hello, my name is Johanna and I’m from Sweden. I have been asked by Beauty Poland to share my story so I would like to start from the beginning.  My mom is originally from Poland and that is mostly why I decided to do my breast implants in Poland 2 years ago. The second important factor was a very affordable price.

    First contact with Beauty Poland

    I have been always unhappy with the size of my breast. Actually, ever since I remember, I had almost no breast at all. I was always really skinny. So while my high school friends were becoming mature and feminine I was still hoping that something will “grow” on my chest. But nothing happened. I turned 21 and in some mysterious way, I found a man who was really interested in me. But at that time I did not accept myself at all and, being really scared that he will reject me… I rejected him first. That was a very hard period for me, mostly mentally. My parents immediately realized that something is wrong and were trying to support me as much as possible. Thanks to my mom, I found Beauty Poland. I do not speak any polish language, unfortunately, but the lady from Beauty Poland spoke fluent English and we had no problem to communicate. She explained everything step by step, helped me to book the flight, taxi, and hotel. I really appreciate her effort. When I got to Poland I was petrified, although I was traveling with my mom. And that was the moment when Beauty Poland was really helpful as well. They organized the whole procedure and stay in the most professional way. The lady calmed me and my mom. Indeed, there was nothing to be worried about.

    Breast implants surgery in Poland

    When we came to Wroclaw the taxi driver came to take us to the clinic for blood tests. I talked to the surgeon, Luniewska who turned out to be a very warm and patient person. She showed me what exactly will happen to my body. In the evening, my mom and I had some free time in the city (Wroclaw is an amazing place to visit btw. I really recommend it!). The next day I had the surgery done. Next few days I spent in the hotel resting. An advice to anyone who would like to perform breast enlargement – take someone with you to assist. I felt really good and relaxed about the fact that my mom is there with me.

    After a couple of days, I was able to speak to my surgeon again. She checked if everything was fine. Then we went back to Sweden.

    Breast implants results 

    I need to say that it took few more weeks to fully recover from the surgery. But I regret nothing! My breast is full and beautiful now. I can honestly say I finally feel like a woman. Self-esteem is the most valuable thing in life in my opinion so if you miss it, do something about it. In my case lack of breast was to blame. Since I have it my life changed dramatically but in a very positive way. I finally found a man who loves me and we are getting married in 2 months!

    I would love to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to Beauty Poland. They were very helpful and patient, keep responding extensively to all my questions and doubts. They helped me and my mom to arrange accommodation, taxi transfers, meals and the procedure itself. They not only saved my time and (a lot!) of money but simply brought me back to life what is priceless!

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