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    Who is a good candidate for hair transplant in Poland?

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Above view of a man examining his hairOur hair transplant surgeon doctor Artur Sandelewski reports that one of the most commonly asked questions by patients is “am I a good candidate for hair transplant in Poland?” Hair transplant abroad is procedure designed for both woman and man. Mostly, that are men who undergo the procedure. Our statistic says that 80% that are male patients, roughly 20%  that are female patients. Patients with significant thinning or baldness are excellent candidates for hair transplantation Poland. Patients should be in good general health, on surgery day must not have any inflammation or bacterial disease. What is more, the patient should have realistic expectations regarding hair transplantation surgery, as the procedure does not provide permanent results. Each patient should understand that hair loss might continue to progress.

    Only adults can have hair transplant surgery in Poland

    That is true, only adults can have cheap hair transplant surgery in Poland. What is more, perfect candidate should be more than 30 years old. Some patients suffer from hair loss even in their early 20s. Such patients are not the perfect candidate for FUE procedure, as their hair loss may not yet be fully established. Specialists advise trying some hair loss treatments, plasma injections. In case, that any hair loss treatment is effective, hair transplant might be performed. The main reason, why surgeon sometimes refuses perform hair transplant in young age, that is difficult to tell where the hair loss will continue.  The surgeon wants to avoid creating an unnatural appearance.

    The less contrast there is between hair and scalp color, the better hair transplant Poland candidate you are

    The color of your hair is very important, as the less contrast there is between hair and scalp color, the better a candidate you are, your grafts will better cover the bald area.

    Have you noticed that blond person with light skin and scalp and less likely to lose hair? The same story is with the patient from Africa. Unfortunately, Asians are often hair transplantation patients, as the dark (mostly black or brown hair) contrast against relatively light scalp skin. Many patients from Europe suffers from hail loss also, as their light skin and scalp contrast with dark hair. As you can see that are not only genetic reasons, why you are losing hair.

    The shape and thickness of your hair matter

    Hair caliber is one of the most important factors while identifying the best candidates for hair transplants abroad. The thicker patients hair are, the less appearance of baldness will be after the hair transplant. In simpler words, patients with thick hair will need fewer grafts. The shape of the hair, that is the same story. Generally speaking, if you have curl or wave your hair, it grants more coverage to the scalp. On the other hand, hair transplant for the patient with thick and curly/ wavy hair will not help if patients donor area is poorly covered with grafts. What is more,  a tight scalp with a low laxity might be a problem too.

    Beauty Poland is happy to offer you a free online video consultation with the surgeon. While consultation doctor will advise you how many grafts you need, if that would be one surgery or more, for how many days you need to be in Poland, and of course you may discuss final price. Our surgeon uses the latest technique FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), which is a minimally invasive technique. In FUE method, individual follicular units are taken directly from the patient’s donor area and transplanted to the recipient area. There are no linear scars and no stitches after the procedure. It is a modern method providing excellent results. Feel free to contact us, our consultants would be happy to help you with organizing your stay in Poland. For foreign patients, we have all-inclusive packages with accommodation and transport included.


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