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    Who should consider having gynecomastia in Poland

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    If you are struggling with bigger breast and you cannot look at yourself in the mirror, than gynecomastia surgery in Poland is a solution for you! Plastic surgery is no longer reserved only for women, so be a man and improve your looks!

    What is gynecomastia?

    Gynecomastia surgery is performed to reduce breast size in men. The procedure can make the chest more flat and add the contour to the area. Sometimes during the procedure, the surgeon recommends glands removal so that the breast are not excessively visible.

    How gynecomastia in Poland is done?

    The surgery is done under general anesthesia. The surgeon may suggest one of three techniques available:

    • liposuction technique (the surgeon will use a cannula to remove excess fat from the breast; several small incision will be made)
    • excision technique (this technique is recommended with glands removal and areola reduction; the surgeon makes one big incision across the breast and cuts out the fatty tissue and glands)
    • combination of liposuction and excision techniques

    Who is a candidate for gynecomastia surgery abroad?

    The best candidate for the gynecomastia surgery has to fulfill the following conditions:

    • had to try alternative medical procedures
    • has to be healthy with no medical condition that can impair healing
    • cannot smoke or take drugs
    • has to have realistic expectations
    • cannot be largely overweight

    How much is gynecomastia in Poland?

    Poland is a very good place to have gynecomastia done, because in this country prices for plastic surgery are very affordable and a lot of patients is happy with the outcome of their surgery. Gynecomastia surgery price in Poland starts from 1300 GBP. In comparison price for gynecomastia in UK is around 3500 GBP.

    If you are considering having the gynecomastia surgery, wait no more and contact our patient advisers to get your individual quotation. We are sure that you will be happy with the outcome of your cheap gynecomastia surgery in Poland.

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