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    Breastfeeding After Breast Augmentation Surgery

    Updated November 16, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    sportswoman with breast implantsBoob Job or Breast implants – with no hesitation this is one of the most popular plastic surgeries performed all over the world. Since it becomes more and more popular, patients commonly ask one, very important question – will I be able to feed with breast with implants? The answer is not always simple. It depends on the type of the surgery, breast implants brand, individual characteristics of the patient and, maybe surprisingly, sometimes also on the reasons for the surgery. If you would like to get to know more about this topic – keep reading. We will provide you with more information about breastfeeding with implants.

    The first and the most important information is very satisfying – in most of the cases, there is no problem with breastfeeding after implants, regardless if they are placed over or under the muscle. It is said that slightly more than 90% of mothers that had boobs job done are able to feed after the surgery. In most cases the thing is simple – if you had no contraindications for nursing before the surgery – you won’t probably face any after it.

    According to lactation specialists and plastic surgeons from all over the world – breast implants, if properly inserted, are not interfering anyhow with breastfeeding. Most of them agree on the following statement: “If a woman was able to breastfeed prior to having implants, then there is no reason why she should expect to have any difficulty after the implants are placed,”. This is a quotation given by Matthew Schulman, MD, famous plastic surgeon from the NY City.

    How do breast implants affect breastfeeding?

    If you are considering having breast implants and you are also worried if you will be able to nurse in the future at the same time, you need to be aware of the fact that generally, a woman with breast implants can potentially be most frequently in the group of risk. In other words – it is more probable that a woman who has her implants done will face some lactation difficulties than it would be in the case of a patient who has never had breast augmentation surgery. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t lose your hope. With awareness and knowledge, it is very likely you will avoid any kind of problems. The most important issue in here is how your boobs job was done and… why.

    Type of the incision

    It is very important how your surgeon will make the incision. Then, the way of inserting the implant is crucial also. This two factors will be decisive in terms of your future feeding. That is why, you should choose your surgeon carefully, with no rush. You should also talk to him or her about the technique that will be used during the surgery. If the incision will be performed in an incorrect way it may lead to damage to nipple nerves, milk glands, ducts of even blood supply. In some cases, when the incision is made in the area of your nipple, it happens that milk ducts can be unable to fulfill their role anymore. The good information is that nowadays, most of the surgeons will make the incision under the breast and will lead it from the middle of your chest until your armpits. In this way, a significant number of your nerves can be saved so that you are able to feed and produce milk after the surgery.

    Location of Breast Implants

    The location of your implant in the breast can be also a factor that can affect the ability of nursing after the procedure. Above a muscle, there is a tissue (so-called glandular) that is designed to produce milk during lactation process. It is commonly said, that placing the implant between the muscle layer and the aforementioned tissue can lead to some distractions in milk flow due to creating some pressure on milk ducts. It can be a cause of decreased milk production. That is the reason why it is rather recommended to insert the implant beneath the muscle layer. It can be a way of preventing from mixing the silicone and the breast milk.

    Scar tissue and engorgement

    It should be mentioned that sometimes engorgement and mastitis can occur as a complication after the surgery. It can happen when scar tissue, due to its extensiveness, affects the milk supply. In other words, if the milk has no other way to go, it will stick in the milk duct and may cause pain and as an effect can lead to further complications such as engorgement or mastitis.

    Feeling in your nipples

    Sometimes your milk ducts, glands or nerves may get damaged by breast enlargement procedure. If your nerves are injured you may lose the sense of feeling in your nipples. This may reduce your let-down response. Damaged milk ducts can decrease the amount of milk made by your breasts. Implants can also pinch milk ducts, block the flow of breast milk, and make your breasts swell.

    Type of breast implants

    Breastfeeding with implants in general does not affect mother’s or baby’s health anyhow. What is more, it does not actually matter what implants you have and what they are made of. For example, it is proved that so-called saline implants (implants that are made of salt water) are not a source of any risk to the human body as the saline is tolerated by the body. In other words – even if the implant gets ruptured, your body will get rid of salt water like nothing happened. When it comes to the implants made of silicone, not many studies, examining the impact of it on mother’s milk, had been done so far. Some people were saying that babies that had been fed by breast with a silicone implant, were taking some silicone with milk. Nowadays it is more clear that this statement is false. According to latest examinations, it is not possible for the silicone to travel from the implants into the mammary gland.

    It is not easy to detect silicone level in breast milk according to what scientists say. However, comparing milk of woman that have breast implants and of those that have no, there is no different in the level of silicone. Due to that we can assume that, there is no regular impact of implants to mother’s milk. But, since every mother is especially focused on her baby it is highly recommended not only to be aware of the problem but also to make sure with your doctor that everything is ok, before starting feeding with your breast. That is because every woman has differently built structures of tissues hence, every case is different.

    The reason for your breast augmentation

    Breast enlargement is the best solution for those patients that would like to improve their appearance by the surgery, build their confidence and self – esteem. It is also an option for women who suffer from having not enough breast tissue. But, when it comes to patients with not enough tissue developed, it might be more difficult for them to nurse after the surgery. Studies show that in such cases the probability of being unable to nurse is 25 percent raised. According to some other studies, 19 percent of them may require additional supplementation. If you refer any of this issues to yourself it is possible you may face some problems in the future. However, there is no need to be afraid and to give up your dreams of having a fantastic body. Nowadays it is possible to support your natural lactation process without any harm to your baby. You can do both: breast implants and be a perfect mom for your baby!

    What can I do to increase my milk supply?

    The is no one final answer to the question whether or not breast enlargement may affect your milk supply in a significant way. It always depends on individual characteristics of the patient. Even your doctor can not tell you exactly how it will look like after the surgery. Everything is fully visible after the surgery when the patient decides to nurse. However, it is said, that patients who still have to feel in nipples after breast augmentation can be much more successful with nursing in the future.
    Some women are only able to produce a small amount of milk. In such case, there is nothing to be worried about. You can still supplement it with formula milk or donor milk. While being pregnant, make sure you informed your leading doctor that you had breast enlargement procedure in the past. He or she will make sure that everything is ok.
    If you performed the surgery due to the undeveloped breast (so-called hypoplastic) it might be hard for you to produce enough milk. In such case, we highly recommend using a pump after every nursing. It will stimulate the process of milk production. Safe breastfeeding with implants is possible and is not a big deal anymore!

    If you are still wondering whether or not you should have your cheap breast implants done in Poland or you are still hesitating what type of implants you should choose – contact Beauty Poland. Our consultant will provide you with all the necessary knowledge, will explain you the procedure step by step and may help you to book in for the surgery. He or she may arrange your stay and travel and then lead you through the process. Beauty Poland knows how to meet your expectation in the best way. We deliver customer service of the best quality for over 10 years. Come to Poland to perform your new, beautiful breast and enjoy completely new, beautiful body!

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