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    Breast Reduction Liposuction vs Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery

    Updated March 7, 2019
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Breast surgeries have been very popular among women in recent years.  It is important to remember that if you feel your breasts are too big and make you feel uncomfortable, unattractive, or cause some health problems, you can have breast reduction surgery or breast liposuction. In our article you will learn the difference between these two procedures.

    How breast liposuction is done?

    Breast liposuction does not differ from liposuction performed on any other body parts. It is a procedure during which your surgeon removes the excess fat from your breasts with the use of a cannula. Your breast liposuction is done under local or general anesthetic depending on the amount of fat removed and the complexity of the surgery. This type of breast reduction is recommended to women with a minor or moderate excess of fat. Nonetheless, when the large reduction is needed, sometimes surgeons agree to perform liposuction also. The main advantage of breast liposuction is the minimal visibility of scars afterward. The incisions are very tiny and done just beneath the breasts, as a result of which they are indistinguishable in the future. In order to have your breast liposuction in Poland, you need to come for 4-6 days to Poland – you will have medical tests done on the 1st day, on the 2nd day you will have a consultation and liposuction performed and after 3-4 days you will have a control visit in the clinic.

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    How breast reduction is done?

    Breast reduction surgery is an open surgery and it is the main difference between breast reduction and liposuction. The incisions are made around the nipple and downward the breasts. The surgeon will remove not only excess fat but also excess skin, breast tissues and relocate the nipples if need be. Breast reduction is always done under general anesthetic, which means that you will spend 1 night in the clinic. Also, sometimes the surgeon may put drains to your body for 24 hours after surgery. Since breast reduction is an open surgery, the scars will be more visible as the incisions are bigger and made invisible places. Nonetheless, if you follow the instructions given to you by your surgeon, the scars will be hardly visible after a few years. It would be best if you come to Poland for your breast reduction abroad for at least 6 days.

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    Breast liposuction and breast reduction  price comparison

    The price for breast reduction both by liposuction and by open surgery is always given individually to every patient. The price depends mainly on the complexity of the procedure and amount of fat, skin or breast tissue that needs to be removed. The average price for breast liposuction is the same as the average price for liposuction in general, that is about 2000 GBP. The average price for surgical breast reduction is about 1800 GBP. The price difference between the two procedures are minor, hence it is best to follow the opinion of your surgeon in Poland who will advise you which procedure will be the best in your case. Of course, the prices above can be lower or higher depending on the individual case, but still, Poland offers one of the cheapest breast liposuction and breast reduction surgeries abroad.

    Can I have liposuction during my breast reduction surgery?

    Yes, your surgeon after analyzing the photos of your breasts or after consulting you directly will say whether you need only breast reduction surgery, breast liposuction or a combination of these two procedures. If you struggle only with the excess fat on your breasts, the doctor can suggest liposuction, if you have the excess breast tissues and much sagging and loose skin, a breast reduction will be the best option. Nonetheless, if you have too much skin and fat on your breasts, your surgeon can decide to combine the two surgeries. An important thing is that the price for combined surgeries is not a sum of two separate surgeries, but is calculated and given individually to you by your surgeon. So even in this case, you will have your cheap breast reduction combined with breast liposuction abroad.

    If you feel your breasts are too big and are a source of health problems, e.g. a backache, just contact Beauty Poland. Your surgeon in Poland will analyze the photos of your breasts and suggest whether breast reduction surgery, breast liposuction, or both procedures will be the best solution in your case. We can assure you that you will be given an affordable price for your surgery. Also, you can buy our all-inclusive package, thanks to which you have a hotel, pick-up from the airport and all transfers between your hotel and clinic covered by us. Thanks to Beauty Poland you will re-gain your attractiveness, physical health, confidence, and good psychological condition!

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