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    Excercising After Breast Enlargement Surgery – When Can I Start To Excercise After The Surgery?

    Updated March 7, 2019
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    perfect bra after breast enlargementExercise is an important part of the daily routine. What is more, sports activities are more than important in a healthy lifestyle. People exercise, not only to keep the fit body, but also to keep healthy, release stress, or build strength. Many of our patients want to return to sports activities after breast implants, many of them do not know when exercises after breast enlargement procedure are safe, which exercises are allowed to perform. For those who have had breast implants, there are special precautions to take when it comes to exercising post-surgery. Always, the woman should refrain from sports activities at least 6 weeks after surgery. Then, it is advised to consult your plastic surgeon, or any other doctor if breasts are healed enough to start exercising.

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    When to start exercising after breast implants?

    Recovery from surgery is simply because your body will let you know when it is ready for activity.  There is no rule, each patient is different. For one recovery from surgery lasts 6 weeks, for another 3 months and it is still completely normal. For sure patient needs to wait at least 6 weeks with exhausting sports activities, walking, bike riding might be performed earlier. All activities should be performed without any pain. Here is good info for calories freaks, while your body is healing/recovering the metabolic rate rises, so for a few weeks you will burn extra calories, without lifting a finger. You do not have to worry that you will put on weight without exercises.

    Start walking as soon as possible to avoid any blood clots after breast enlargement surgery

    Walking is advised even on the first week after breast implants. Walking improves blood circulations, so by walking you avoid blood clots. While the first week it is advised to perform short walking distance, like the kitchen – bathroom – bedroom.  For next weeks, it is suggested to perform longer walkings like 30 min in the morning and 30 in the evening. Fresh air will help you recover faster, also.

    Never exercise without a well-supported bra after your breast implants surgery 

    Many women are experiencing some breast injury from tissue moving up and down or in and out during exercises. Women with breast implants are even more likely to have such injuries. What is more lack of well-supported bra may lead to pain and some discomfort, tissue damage? Women after breast implants surgery should look for an encapsulation style sports bra (that is, those with separate cups, which come in conventional bra sizes ) which are advised for them. A sports bra should be worn while long distance walking, running, jumping, lifting, etc.

    Start weight training by doing legs after breast implants

    It is crucial to start weight exercises from the bottom. So firstly, you should try lift weight by doing legs, then thighs, buttocks, abdomen, back and then chest and arms. If any exercise will hurt you, you should wait as it means that you are not well recovered yet. Start exercising with light weights, skip for a while ‘’no pain no gain’’.

    Avoid overhead exercises until you recover after breast implants 

    Overhead exercises are not recommended until you fully recover. Best is consulting your exercises plan with the fitness trainer, or gym stuff. The personal trainer will show you how to perform exercises, and he will plan your weekly routine. You may focus on lower body parts for some time, like buttocks, or legs. Give your body some time, as some exercises may bring more injuries and damages than benefits.

    Listen to your body

    After breast implants, patients are given medications and recovery plans. Women are always told how often to take medications, what to do with stitches, when and how to eat and what physical limitations are. It is crucial to understand that any surgery that is the big step for your body, that is change, that is recovery. It is not a time to become a hero! You need to wait and listen to your body. The body will tell you when it is a good time to start exercising, to return to the gym or fitness, yoga classes. Do not rush yourself to avoid exercises that cause pain at the surgical sites.

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