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Why is it worth to have breast implants procedure done in Poland

perfect bra after breast implantsIf you are not happy with your breasts and want to make them bigger or fuller, come for breast augmentation to Poland. We offer highly professional private clinics, best surgeons specializing in breast enlargement and most affordable prices for breast augmentation abroad. With us you will get rid of your complexes and gain attractiveness as well as significantly improve the sense of self-worth.

Professional plastic surgeons who provide high-quality boob job in Poland

We cooperate with the best clinics in Poland, which guarantee the effectiveness of the procedure. The surgeons are well-educated, have many-year experience and more importantly, they specialize in breast augmentation surgeries. Before arrival, you will be provided with all information about your clinic and about your surgeon. You can check your surgeon’s experience and testimonials before you come. Your surgeon will assess your needs and expectations and advise you on the best breast implants so that you will be satisfied with the results.

Cheap prices for breast implants in Poland

Breast enlargement in Poland is amazingly cheap, that is why it is one of the most frequently chosen plastic surgery by our patients from abroad. The price for breast enlargement in Poland starts from 2550 GBP. This price already includes the surgery, medical tests, consultation and stay in the clinic after surgery. In comparison, the price for such a surgery in the UK starts from 3500 GBP, so in Poland it is 1000 GBP cheaper than in the UK! Still, the quality of the surgery as well as the clinics’ standard is at significantly high level.

For your breast augmentation in Poland only best materials will be used 

You can choose the material which fills your breast implants. No matter which you and your doctor decide to use, we guarantee that all implants are of the highest quality. You can choose silicone gel implants, which give a natural feel, are hardly vulnerable to wrinkle and generally do not rotate. The other type are saline implants, the main advantage of which is that if your implants were to rupture, this saline solution would be absorbed or passed out of your body in a safe way.

Breast implants will improve your self esteem

Your surgeon in Poland will do his best to meet your expectations and consequently improve your self esteem and confidence. Your satisfaction is the most important for us, hence your advisor from Beauty Poland, your surgeon as well as the clinic’s stuff will make our best to provide you with the excellent service and give you the results you expect.

You can combine boob job in Poland with vacations

Poland is a wonderful and worth-visiting country, which attracts millions of tourists every year. Our clinics are situated in beautiful cities offering a wide range of touristic attractions. If you come for breast enlargement to Poland, you would spend here at least 5 days, so if you want, you will surely find time to do some sightseeing and familiarize yourself with our beautiful country, culture, cuisine or visit historical and cultural places.

English speaking, professional and friendly staff

Our clinics specialize in providing services to patients from other countries. You surgeon as well as the clinic’s staff speak fluent English, so you do not need to worry about being misunderstood or misinformed. You will be taken care by a professional personnel and your stay in the clinic will resemble the stay in a hotel rather than hospital. We will do our best so that you could feel comfortable, safe, and cared-for.

Everything will be organized for you!

Your advisor from Beauty Poland will help you organise your stay and find the most affordable flight tickets. You can also buy our all-inclusive package, which includes stay in the hotel (with breakfasts), pick-up from the airport and all taxi transfers between hotel and clinic during your stay. Many patients opt for this package, as a result of which they save time, money, and their stay resembles holidays rather than medical trip. If you do not want to have all-inclusive, your advisor will help you with find the most suitable accommodation and organise your stay and journey.

Marek is a great fan of medical tourism. He believes that medical tourism is a huge chance for many people, who cannot afford treatment in their home country.
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