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Breast implants and pregnancy – facts and myths.

Breast implants in WroclawAmong the options available in cosmetic surgery, breast implants in Poland are continuously one of the most often chosen treatments. We enjoy its advantages, but the first concerns appear alongside pregnancy. Will it affect my ability to feed a child? Will my breast implants change their position? Let’s dispel those doubts!

 1. I won’t be able to feed my child – myth

Breast implants in Poland aren’t a barrier for natural feeding. Implants are placed under a muscle or gland, so they don’t affect the natural cycle of breast development during pregnancy.

 2. Silicone implants are dangerous for a child – myth

Some mothers are afraid of implants because they believe that they may burst and that the silicone will enter the bloodstream and affect a child. The risk of breaking is really low, but may be higher when the implants are really big and push the tissues. So far there is no medical evidence that could confirm a negative effect of implants themselves on a fetus.

 3. Breast Implants never break – myth

Even though the walls of the prosthesis are very durable and additionally strengthened, there are several documented cases of implants that broke. It is easy to recognize because a breast changes its shape and a woman can feel a kind of lump inside of it. When it occurs it is necessary to visit a doctor and replace the old implant with a new one. This situation is exceptional, but because of it, some women decide to wait to have the implants done until after giving birth.

 woman breast4. Thanks to breast implants abroad, the look of my breasts won’t change after pregnancy – myth

As we said, implants don’t affect a natural cycle of breast development during pregnancy. It is normal that when expecting a child, breast glands grow which results in stretching skin. After the period of feeding, when natural milk is no longer needed, glands come back to their previous size, but there can remain an excess of skin resulting in pendulous breasts. Their look may no longer be as attractive as before, but do not worry, our specialists in plastic surgery clinics in Poland will help you and adapt the new implants to your needs.

 5. It is worth it to give birth first – fact

Women who had their breasts done before getting pregnant must be aware of the fact that the above-mentioned corrections may occur necessary after giving birth. During pregnancy your breasts may grow even up to 3 sizes, which is a sufficient reason to visit a plastic surgeon even for women without implants. This is why it may be worth it to visit a doctor after finishing feeding a child to make both corrections and implants at the same time. Your surgeon will find the perfect solution for you, he may advise breast lift procedure or breast reduction in Poland.

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