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    Should my breast implants be placed over or under the muscle?

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    When breast implants are placed over the muscle?

    Subglandural placement of breast implants involves placing it over the chest muscle where the breast tissue remains on the top.

     Placing breast implants over the muscle is a perfect solution if:

    • your breasts are drooping, but you do not want a breast lift. When the implant is placed over the breast, the results will involve a little lifting of the breast. Remember that the lift will be effective if the breast tissue is only loose, not sagged;
    • in the past, your breasts were larger, but they have lost volume over time – in such case, breast implants may serve as a filler of the empty breast;
    • you want your recovery period to be as fast as possible. Implants placed over the muscle involve usually a quicker recovery time than implants placed under the muscle;
    • your search for a significantly augmented look – the implants put over the muscle will give the effect of rounded breasts;
    • you are or intend to be a professional bodybuilder, athlete or weight lifter – your implants in such case will freely and naturally move with your chest muscles.

    When breast implants are placed under the muscle?

    Placing your cheap breast implants under the muscle means that the implants are put either totally under the muscle or partially under the muscle.

    Having the implant under the muscle works perfectly if:

    • you are a slim person, as a result of which you have little breast tissue – the implant put under the muscle will be well hidden, as otherwise the implant could not be covered properly;
    • you would like to minimize the risk of a capsular contracture, that is of the excessive scar tissue which appears around the implant;
    • you dream of bigger, but naturally-looking breasts. It is proved that implants placed under a muscle look more natural in size and shape than implants placed over the muscle;
    • you don’t want your mammography examinations to be disturbed
    • you plan to have children and want to breastfeed them – when your implants are put under the muscle, you could normally breastfeed your baby in the future.

    Benefits of placing breast implants over the muscle:

    • it is less invasive and easier to perform the procedure
    • the recovery time is shorter and more comfortable
    • there is a possibility to make cleavage since the implants may be put closer to each other
    • larger sizes of implants may be by all means utilized
    • there is no distortion of implants after flexing of pectoral muscles.

    Benefits of placing breast implants under the muscle:

    • breast look more natural
    • the risk of rippling is significantly reduced
    • the implant is supported by the muscle, which reduces the wear to your skin
    • the risk of developing capsular contracture is minimized
    • mammography examinations are not so distorted
    • there is lower risk that the implant will “bottom out”
    • the possibility of breastfeeding in the future.

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