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    Bra Shopping After the Breast Enlargement Surgery – Tips How to Choose a Perfect Bra

    Updated March 7, 2019
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    breast-implants-abroadBreast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure. Thousands of women choose boob job every year. After the procedure, you have to wear a special postoperative garment but in about 4 weeks after the surgery, you can go bra shopping. We prepare for you some tips for bra shopping after your breast implants procedure.

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    • Give it time!

    You should remember that each body is unique and you should ask your surgeon when you can start wearing a regular bra. If you start wearing a regular bra too soon it can irritate sensitive tissue and keep the breasts from healing properly.

    • Don’t buy all the bras at once!

    Full recovery after the breast surgery might take up to a year. The size of your breast will continue to change for several months after surgery as the swelling fades and your implants settle. So it is better not to buy tens of bras at one time. You should go shopping once in a few months to find the perfect bra.

    • Start with supportive bras

    After your breast implants procedure, the first bra you will buy should be a supportive one as it helps your breast to heal properly. You shouldn’t rush into a traditional bra too soon as it can keep your implants from settling properly and lead to problems with the healing process.

    • Visit Stores in Person

    It is impossible for the surgeon to tell the exact size of the breast you will have after the surgery.  So it is better for you to go to stores in person and find your personal size. Explain your situation to the shop assistant so she would be able to find a perfect bra for you. After you find a perfect size and shape for, you can try to order some bras on the internet. But remember that the healing process can last up to a year.

    • Try not to wear a push-up bra

    During your recovery period, you try not to wear a push-up bra. Ask your plastic surgeon when you can start wearing a push-up bra. As each healing process is personal and unique you should be able to contact your plastic surgeon after the plastic surgery procedure.

    Remember that after your plastic surgery you will have a lifetime to enjoy your new breasts but at first, you should give them some time to heal!.

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