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Breast Enlargement in Poland with Fat Graft

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Breast Enlargement in Poland with Fat Graft
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Many women suffer from too small breasts. Fortunatelly, modern medicine is meeting the needs of the fashionable and confident women. Currently on the market of plastic surgery there are many methods of breast enlargement. One of them is the method of breast augmentation abroad using own fat transplantation. In our plastic surgery clinic in Poland you can find all of this method for breast enlargement procedure.

How long has the method of breast augmentation with own fat tissue been used?

This method was already used in the 80’s, but even thenit caused much controversy. Indeed, it is characterized by the possibility of a cyst creation of the liquefied fat, as well as calcification and scars. In addition, the transplant was in many cases a problem in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

breast enlargement in poland

How does the method of fat graft in Poland for breast augmentation look like?

The treatment is done by using needles and syringes with which the fat is taken from other body parts (such as thighs, buttocks, abdomen). Then the fat is injected into the right place.

What are the disadvantages of this method of breast augmentation?

Unfortunately, there are a few disadvantages of using this method. One of them is the fact that fat cells taken from one place and implanted into another place very often die. It causes a quite high risk of oil cyst formation and calcification, which poses a problem when diagnosing breast cancer. Moreover, this type of surgery takes several steps, making it tedious and difficult for the patient in terms of physical and mental health. For some women, another drawback may be the fact that with this method, you can enlarge your breasts by just one size and the effects are visible after a long time.

What are the advantages of the method of breast augmentation with fat graft?

Despite the drawbacks of this method there are also some advantages. As it turns out transplants using body fat tend to be extremely helpful in improving the outcomes of breast reconstruction. In addition, this method can hide and eliminate the negative effects of different methods of breast augmentation like the use of silicone prostheses.

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