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    Breast Enlargement Procedure – What Should I Need to Know Before the Surgery?

    Updated March 7, 2019
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Breast sizeWhat is the procedure of Breast Enlargement?

    The Breast Enlargement is a body plastic surgery of installing implants. If you are unhappy with your breasts size and believe your breasts to be too small, a boob job is for you. You can choose one of our plastic surgery clinics in Poland.

    What kinds of Implants are available?

    Breast Implants volume differs from 120 milliliters to 850 milliliters. The most common materials are Silicone Implants and Saline Implant. Silicone Implants are considered more smooth and feel more like a natural breast. However, both types are fully safe, so the decision should be based on the consultation with the doctor. There are also differences between particular implants according to their shape, surface, material, profile.

    Am I a candidate for Breast Enlargement?

    A good candidate for the Boob job should understand the risks, and be realistic about the effects. Good physical health is very important as well as normal weight and of course is at least 18 years old. You should quit smoking not to disturb the healing process. All the health requirements will be determined by the doctor, once he/she examines you in details.

    Problems which can be solved by Breast Implants:

    • small breasts
    • asymmetry
    • saggy breasts
    • bad breasts condition after pregnancy

    Learn more from our article about being a candidate for the breast enlargement.

    How to choose breast implants?

    How does the Breast Enlargement look like?

    There are 4 types of incisions made during the surgery:

    • around the nipple
    • in the armpit
    • under the breast
    • in the belly button

    The way of implants placement also varies depending on the patient’s anatomy:

    • behind the breast
    • behind the breast and muscles
    • behind the breast and Pectoralis Major muscle

    ……Breast Enlargement in Poland.Breast implants After breast enlargement

    What are the complications of a Boob job?

    There are a few possible complications involved:

    • asymmetry
    • infection
    • double bubble (when the implants fall down below the “border” where the breast connects with the chest)
    • synmastia (when the breasts are located too close to each other)
    • capsular contracture

    Is the procedure of Breast Enlargement painful?

    The procedure involves stretching the tissues and placing the implants, so yes, it is quite painful. The pain is the most severe within the first 48 hours after the surgery and gets weaker every day. Remember to take the prescribed medicines and to closely follow doctor’s orders to recover as soon as possible.

    Is the procedure effects long-lasting?

    The results will last for the life of the implants. You should remember that bigger breasts will sag faster than the small ones, so you may need plastic surgery in later years if you choose big implants.

    Treatment Time:

    1-3 hours

    After Treatment:

    To ease pain and swelling, apply ice packs to the body. The swelling should start to cease after 48 hours, however, the process may last even 3 months. A great help will be an athletic bra. If you need any additional medicines to support the recovery, the doctor will prescribe those (including antibiotics). After the procedure, you should, of course, sleep on your back and avoid tiring activities and start walking as soon as you can to prevent blood clotting. Wait 3-6 months to see the final results of the procedure.

    Effects of breast enlargement

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