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Botox in Poland - how it is done

Botox – how does it work

To reduce facial wrinkles the botulinum toxin, also known as Botox, is used.

This substance is injected into the wrinkles around the muscles using a very thin needle. Giving a small amount of substance causes muscle weakness which are responsible for wrinkles. After such a procedure, wrinkles on the forehead do not appear any more as well as the lines during smiling around your eyes.

Does botox hurt?

The procedure is almost painless. The substance works only on the muscle, into which it has been injected, while the other muscles function as usual. As a result, facial expression does not change, but the wrinkles disappear. It is recommended that for the first day after the procedure, the patient should not bend the head downwards and not  massage the place of the injection. The effects usually appear after 3-7 days, sometimes after 15 days, and lasts from 3 to 6 months.

botox in poland

Botox – side effects

The most common side effects are tenderness and bruising at the injection site. Rarely a slight temporary drooping of the eyelid can occur, which resolves after 1-2 weeks.

The effect of the cosmetic skin procedure gradually fades and the muscle returns to its state from before the surgery. If you want the wrinkles not to reappear, the procedure has to be repeated. For well established wrinkles it is recommended to use fillers.

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