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    Which Body Parts Can Be Treated With Liposuction?

    Updated February 27, 2019
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Cheap liposuction in Polandlipo poland will improve any of your body parts. Our clinics are prepared to remove the excess fat even from small and problematic parts of your body. When you decide to have your liposuction in Poland, you will not only improve your appearance and self-esteem, but also save money, as Poland offers one of the cheapest liposuctions abroad.

    What body parts can be treated by liposuction abroad?

    Generally, your liposuction in Poland can concern any of your body parts. Just contact Beauty Poland and you will be qualified for the surgery and advised about the best liposuction technique for your body part. The most popular areas are stomach, back, flanks and arms. Nonetheless, more and more patients decide to perform liposuction on their chin, thighs, calves, ankles, neck or armpit. The decision whether the liposuction of a chosen body part can be performed is always made by our surgeon individually for every patient.

    Liposuction in the Facial Region:

    – Neck liposuction

    Neck liposuction allows for the removal of excess fat surrounding your neck. What is more, your neck is re-contoured and modeled. As a result, the skin is smoother and firmer. The main advantage of neck fat removal is that it can effectively eliminate the problem of a double chin.

    – Chin liposuction

    Chin liposuction has gained popularity in recent years. Double chin is the problem touching not only overweight people but also those with a normal weight, hence liposuction is often the only method to get rid of it. Chin liposuction is very often combined with neck liposuction with respect to removing a double chin. The sagging skin in the area of your chin is one of the first symptoms of aging. Chin lipoplasty restores the youthful and fresh look of your chin. The techniques of chin liposuction in Poland allows for safe, non-invasive and long-lasting improvement of your chin.

    – Cheeks liposuction

    Cheek liposuction is an aesthetic procedure which is constantly gaining popularity among even young patients. Thanks to cheek liposuction you get rid of the excess fat in your cheeks area, as a result of which you gain more contoured face, your cheekbones are visible and perfectly outlined, and you have no problems with so called chubby cheeks.

    – Jawline liposuction

    Jawline liposuction is a procedure which contours your face in your jaws area and makes your face well-shaped, the bones are delicately exposed and you do not have sagging skin or a double chin. This liposuction is very often combined with neck lift or chin liposculpture because then it gives the most desirable effects.

    Liposuction in the Upper Body Region

    – Chest liposuction

    Chest liposuction, referred to as gynecomastia, is dedicated to our male patients with an unusual or uneven fat distribution in the chest area. It effectively reduces the size of the breast and chest. Thanks to the excessive fat removal, patients gain attractiveness, self-confidence and they get rid of complexes.

    – Tummy liposuction 

    The greatest number of patients come for tummy liposuction to Poland. Our clinics offer cheap prices for tummy lipo abroad and guarantee the highest standard of the procedure. Also, you will be advised by your doctor in Poland whether to have tummy lipo combined with other procedures, such as flanks liposuction or tummy tuck. Abdomen is one of the most problematic body parts to lose fat from and due to the fact that the abdomen is a relatively large body part, liposuction there may be expensive.  

    Check the difference between liposuction and tummy tuck.

    – Back liposuction

    Back liposuction is very often performed by our surgeons. This surgery may have various degrees of complexity. Liposuction may involve lower, middle, upper back or even the whole back from the tailbone to the neck. The back liposculpture enables to remove fat and shape the back of even obese patients.

    – Upper arms liposuction 

    Upper arms liposuction is a surgery mainly for women. Over time, women are genetically predisposed for accumulating the excess amount of fat in the arms and shoulders, which results in a bulky look. Thanks to upper arms liposuction, the fat is removed and arms re-gain the proportional and attractive appearance. Your arms will get a slender, attractive and proportionate appearance and you could wear sleeveless clothes without any concerns or shame! 

    Check why is it worth to do liposuction in Poland.

    Liposuction in the Lower Body Region:

    – Abdomen liposuction

    Abdomen liposuction is the most frequently chosen type of liposculpture in Poland. The stomach area is the one from which it is difficult to remove fat and where fat predominantly accumulates. Depending on your needs, you can have liposuction on upper, lower areas and flanks. As a result of abdominal liposuction, your stomach is flattened, excess fat is removed and the abdominal cavity muscles are strengthened.

    Check the difference between liposuction and tummy tuck.

    – Thighs liposuction 

    Thighs liposuction is most desirable among women, as it effectively removes fat from inner thighs. After the recovery process, there are no visible signs of having thighs liposuction. Thanks to thigh fat removal, your upper legs become more proportionate to your body, smoother and well shaped.

    – Buttocks liposuction 

    The main reason for buttocks liposuction is reducing the size and bulk of the buttocks. Thanks to removing excess fat from the buttocks, they become more symmetrical, tight, smooth and shaped.

    – Lower back liposuction 

    Lower back fat modeling significantly improves your silhouette. It is very often combined with flanks fat removal and tummy liposuction, giving astonishing effects. It is a very popular liposuction type among those who struggle with excess fat in the abdominal area.

    – Hips liposuction 

    Hips are considered to be one of the most difficult body parts to get rid of fat from. At the same time, hips liposuction is regarded as one of the most impressive and spectacular. It is specially chosen by women having “pear shape”, as for many it is the only effective way to remove fat from the hips.

    Hips are a very difficult body part to get rid of fat from, at the same time this is an area where the liposuction results are most visible and can be really spectacular. Thanks to hips liposuction you will reduce the size of your clothes, especially dresses, skirts, and pants. Hips lipo is a great solution for women having a pear-body shape and wanting to make their body more proportional.

    How many areas can I treat in one liposuction session abroad?

    When you contact Beauty Poland, you will be asked how many body parts you would like to treat and asked to send us the photos of your body. Your surgeon in Poland will analyze the photos and make a decision whether the liposuctions can be performed at one session. Such a decision is always made individually for every patient. Sometimes the doctor can advise you to have only one body part treated, while other patients could have 3-4 liposuctions done at one time.

    How long should I stay in Poland to have liposuction done?

    The time of your stay in Poland depends on the complexity of your liposuction surgery in Poland. In general, patients are advised to come for 5-6 days. On the 1st day, you perform all necessary medical tests, on the 2nd day you have a consultation and surgery and stay one night in the clinic. You leave the clinic the next day and after resting for 2 days in your hotel, you have one more visit in the clinic. You will be always told in advance for how long you should come to Poland.

    In Poland, we can guarantee the highest standard of the clinics where only the most experienced and renowned surgeons perform liposuctions. If you contact Beauty Poland, you will be given all the details of the procedure, individual price and you will get professional help from our staff from the very beginning. If you look for cheap liposuction abroad, Poland is a perfect destination, as the prices here are highly competitive and for many patients unbelievably cheap. Also, we can help you with all the logistics accompanying your trip – hotel, pick up from the airport and all transfers!

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