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Abdominoplasty recovery - 7 tips on how to get rocvered after tummy tuck abroad

Your cheap tummy tuck abroad is only a first step to your new beautiful tummy. The surgery itself and the surgeon’s professionalism are extremely important, but the recovery process after your tummy tuck abroad is equally significant. Your surgeon will

Can asymmetrical breast be fixed by breast implant surgery abroad

Every woman wants to have beautiful, symmetrical breasts of a dream size. Our breasts are naturally uneven, but sometimes the difference is so noticeable that it is impossible to hide and makes us feel really uncomfortable. It deprives women of

vibro lipo

Does liposuction abroad leave scars?

When you look into having liposuction done abroad, you may find many questions that you would like to have answered. One of the most popular questions that are asked to our patient advisors is about scars that are left after

breast after breast implants procedure

Breast Implants abroad - Tips on how to excercise with breast implants

Exercise is an important part of daily routine. What is more, sports activities are more than important in a healthy lifestyle. People exercise, not only to keep the fit body, but also to keep healthy, release stress, or build strength.

Facelift destinations in Poland - Prices and Payment Options

If you decided to have facelift surgery done and you are looking into clinics, you might have seen offers from Polish facilities. Once you contact us, you will realize that we offer clear information of what is included in the

How is septoplasty different from rhinoplasty abroad?

Septoplasty and rhinoplasty are both very popular nasal surgeries, often performed together. However, they are different procedures. Let us revise the differences so you can make a good decision on what kind of nose job abroad you actually need. What