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How can I prepare myself to cheap facelift abroad?

Cheap facelift in Poland is a popular plastic surgery, which will definitely improve your look. You can make it look even better if you comply with our tips, as the steps you take before the procedure can dramatically improve your

The connection between breast implants in Poland and sex life

Women’s breasts major function is feeding the baby. Nature gave breast another feature, breast is the attractive part of woman body for men. The breast should be a reason of pleasure, physical one, for both woman and man. Actually, many

How long will my facelift Poland results last?

Facelift in Poland is an extremely popular plastic surgery. If you are interested in undergoing a facelift, surely you have been wondering about the final results and longevity. Below you can get all the information on that matter. How long

Should my breast implants be placed over or under the muscle?

If you dream about bigger breasts, but cannot afford breast surgery in your country, you should come to Poland for one of the cheapest breast enlargement surgery in Europe! With us, you will get rid of all complexes stemming from

gastric band

Everything you need to know about male liposuction in Poland

The term Liposuction for years has been coined as a misconception. Liposuction is associated with overweight or obese people, however, that is not the good path of thinking. The ideal candidate should have positive BMI, and should not be overweight,

Types of weight loss surgery in Poland with fast recovery times

Weight loss surgery abroad is a procedure performed to help lose weight. In general, it can be said that it is done by reducing the size of the stomach, however, there are different types of weight loss surgeries abroad. In