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a woman with a bandage on her nose

Can I exercise after nose job?

0.0 00 After you underwent rhinoplasty abroad you may be surprised that the healing time is quicker and smoother than you expected. Also, you may feel so great that you want to start exercising again straight away. Even though you

women is showing which size of the hips she would like to have

Dos and Don'ts Before and After Liposuction Surgery

5.0 01 Some people have genetic predisposition to gather the extra amount of fat on tights or abdomen that is extremely hard to lose even with the extra effort of dieting and workout. If you are trying to lose stubborn

amazing belly

When will I see my liposuction results?

5.0 01 Reviewed by Tomasz Klos, MD Liposuction is a great way to remove excessive reserves of fat from your body areas yet the best results of liposuction are not visible after the procedure. After liposuction abroad, you should be

girl touching her nose

How to take care of your skin after rhinoplasty

5.0 01 When comes to rhinoplasty, it is not always the cartilage that causes aesthetic issues, but also patient’s skin, which is a big part of a surgical plan. Skin problems may limit the effectiveness of surgical procedures of a

women is touching her tummy

How to prepare for a tummy tuck surgery?

0.0 00 Once you have decided to undergo the tummy tuck procedure, you will probably start to think about the preparation for the surgery. That being said, planning ahead and gathering all the information about safe tummy tuck, will ensure

smiling man

Male rhinoplasty is popular

5.0 01 Not until recently men started to realize that plastic surgeries are not only reserved for women, therefore it may be noticed that growing number of men decide to undergo plastic surgeries and one of them is rhinoplasty. With

very slim belly and white flowers

Can a tummy tuck and a liposuction be performed at the same time?

0.0 00 After you lost a lot of weight you may probably feel uncomfortable with your appearance, therefore one of the best options for you is to perform a tummy tuck in Poland. Just to briefly explain the procedure, the

man with head on a pillow

What is the perfect season for having hair transplant?

5.0 01 After making the decision to undergo the hair transplant abroad you may have a lot of questions that at a certain point may overwhelm you. This rule is applicable especially when you struggle with hair loss for a

man after hair transplant poland

Can I wear a hat after hair transplant?

5.0 01 Having your hair transplant procedure done, you will be required to follow certain steps afterwards to ensure that your scalp is healing properly and that you will get the best results. Your surgeon will provide you with the

girl with slim belly is touching her pants

Working out after tummy tuck

0.0 00 After you underwent tummy tuck in Poland you may be curious about the potential time when doing the exercises is allowed and what types of exercises you may perform.  As after any invasive surgery, you must pay attention