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At what age you can have plastic surgery abroad

0.0 00 Table of contents1 Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery at young age2 Prevention of aging3 At what age can we have a plastic surgery performed?4 What treatments are available at a young age?5 Can I have body plastic surgeries

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Tattoo Removal abroad

0.0 00 Tattoos are a form of body decoration. Both women and men decide on tattoos, the age is not important. Many of these people would like to shock others with their appearance and attract attention of the environment, that


Breast Reconstruction - How Breast Reconstruction is Done and Which Method to Choose

5.0 01 Breast Reconstruction is a plastic surgery procedure performed in case of women after mastectomy (breast amputation), as well as in those who suffer from the Poland’s syndrome (congenital absence of breasts). Thanks to this treatment the patient can finally

women is smilling

Methods of scars removal in Poland

0.0 00 Scars are skin damage, which are due to acne or deep wounds. Very often scars are the cause of many complexes, which are very hard to get rid of. The best help for damaged skin, damaged psyche and

women is showing which size of the hips she would like to have

Buttocks Enlargement - how to make your butt bigger

0.0 00 Buttocks enlargement with implants procedure is becoming increasingly popular among body plastic surgeries. This is a relatively new procedure. The treatment, developed in the sixties in South America, began to rapidly gain followers around the world, under the

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Learn how you can enlarge you lips

0.0 00 There are different methods of surgical lip enlargement used in plastic surgery: korium, cutting on the edge method and inserting implants. There are also very popular injections used to enlarge the lips. Read about the details below and find

small breast before and round huge breast with implants after the surgery

Stem Cells and Fat Transfer - How to Enlarge your Breasts Without Synthetic Implants?

5.0 01 Instead of breast implants that can crack and leak, breasts can be enlarged by an artificially grown tissue. According to the surgeons, the outcome of such a procedure would be more natural than synthetic implants. However, there is a

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Medical Tourism in Poland- huge chance for international patients

0.0 00 Recently, medical tourism has become a global trend which has contributed to the promotion of combining treatment with rest. More and more people choose trips that allow them to relax and take care of their health and beauty