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    Happy Easter from Beauty Poland

      Beauty Poland would like to wish you all happy, warm and peaceful Easter time! May this Easter bring you hope and faith in goodness and this special time be blessed with health and happiness! About Latest Posts MarekCEO at

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    How to improve ear shape? Otoplasty abroad

    Earlobe is a three-dimensional structure built of cartilage skeleton which forms the shape, a small amount of subcutaneous tissue and thin skin. The location of the ears allows you to hide their defects with hair. However, they are often the

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    Are plastic surgeries in Poland painful?

    Many people associate plastic surgery in Poland with post-operative pain and inconvenience. Despite the intensive development of medicine, this fear is still with us. How, then, is it in reality- does plastic surgery hurt? Table of contents1 “Will my plastic

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    No-needle Mesotherapy

    No-needle mesotherapy is safer and not as painful as mesotherapy performed by the use of needles. It leaves no spots and you can return to your professional duties immediately after the procedure. How mesotherapy works The effects are visible after

    surgeon is touching the face of the women

    Wrinkles removal in Poland

    Various treatments, which can soften or even eliminate wrinkles, can be divided into two groups: surgical and non-surgical procedures. Table of contents1 SURGICAL METHODS1.1 Facelift 1.2 Laser therapy2 NON-SURGICAL METHODS 2.1 Botulinum therapy2.2 Filling with various substances2.3 Chemical peels2.4 Mechanical peels SURGICAL

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    How to preapre youself for a plastic surgery in Poland

    We present a few practical hints how you should prepare yourself for plastic surgery in Poland and aesthetic medicine procedures. Table of contents1 1. Your Purpose of plastic surgery2 2. Realistic expectations about the effects3 3. Be up to date4

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    At what age you can have plastic surgery abroad

    Table of contents1 Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery at young age2 Prevention of aging3 At what age can we have a plastic surgery performed?4 What treatments are available at a young age?5 Can I have body plastic surgeries at a

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    Tattoo Removal abroad

    Tattoos are a form of body decoration. Both women and men decide on tattoos, the age is not important. Many of these people would like to shock others with their appearance and attract attention of the environment, that is why


    Breast Reconstruction - How Breast Reconstruction is Done and Which Method to Choose

    Breast Reconstruction is a plastic surgery procedure performed in case of women after mastectomy (breast amputation), as well as in those who suffer from the Poland’s syndrome (congenital absence of breasts). Thanks to this treatment the patient can finally enjoy the

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    Methods of scars removal in Poland

    Scars are skin damage, which are due to acne or deep wounds. Very often scars are the cause of many complexes, which are very hard to get rid of. The best help for damaged skin, damaged psyche and better self-confidence