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    surgeon is touching the face of the women

    Cheek implants: facial cosmetic procedures in Poland

    Table of contents1 Potential patients for cheeks enlargement are:2 Potential patients should:3 Information for patients before cheek implant surgery:4 Cheek Implants – The course of treatment:5 Such a procedure is relatively simple and safe, but like any surgical procedure, may

    women is touching her face

    Lip augmentation in Poland with silicone implants

    Lip augmentation – what can you expect One of the most common treatments among plastic and cosmetic surgeries, is lip augmentation in Poland. We recomend the most our plastic surgery clinic in Warsaw for this treatment. Older solutions, both temporary and permanent,

    surgeon is touching the face of the women

    What are moles and how to remove them

    What is a mole? Moles are small bumps, or spots, known as pigmented nevi. It is hard to determine whether a mole might be dangerous for human health. And here is the main problem, because it is very difficult to

    Skin Care Procedure of young women

    Dilated capillaries - Skin Care Procedures in Poland

    Table of contents1 Dilated capillaries – what is this?2 Capillaries – why do they occur3 Dilated capillaries – how to remove them4 Looking for something else? Dilated capillaries – what is this? Dilated capillaries occur in case of many people.

    women shows which are of her face she would like to improve

    Bags under eyes - eyelids surgery in Poland

    Bags under eyes are nothing else but fat bags, which are removed after the incision of the lower eyelid at the lash line. Procedure of eyelids surgery in Poland is safe because of our the best specialists. Removing drooping eyelids

    women is having a face procedure

    Beautiful and young skin for long - Skin Care Procedures

    Skin is a very significant body organ responsible for important biological functions, but we tend to perceive its role as almost exclusively aesthetic. You have to take good care of your entire organism to keep its outer shell aesthetic and

    healthy body of amazing women

    How to look beautiful during summer- aesthetic medicine in Poland

    As the first rays of the sun appear, each of us dreams of wearing a sexy swimsuit and enjoying the summer. But most of us have difficulty accepting the appearance of our bodies, which have been neglected during the cold

    a smiling man

    How to overcome gynecomastia problem? - gynecomastia in Poland

    Gynecomastia – the word comes from Latin and means male breast enlargement. It may occur on one or both sides. In newborns and boys during adolescence the problem occurs physiologically and there is the hormonal imbalance and temporary advantage of

    ideal amazing body

    What is cellulite and how to eliminate it? Mesotherapy in Poland

    Cellulite is a disease of the subcutaneous tissue with destabilization of the ratio between the connective tissue that builds the skin and fatty tissue which is unequally distributed. The best option for definitley remove cellulite is mesotherapy procedure. The skin is

    women is showing which sieze of the breast she would like to have

    Breast Enlargement with Fat Graft - Advantages and Disadvantages of Breast Augmentation with Fat

    Many women suffer from too small breasts. Fortunately, modern medicine is meeting the needs of the fashionable and confident women. Currently, on the market of plastic surgeries, there are many methods of breast enlargement. One of them is the method