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How to take pictures for your plastic surgery consultation

Beauty Poland offers free email consultation. The patient who wants to know all surgery details, estimated effects, surgery range and final price should send us some photos. It is crucial to send appropriate photos, as surgeon basis only on them.

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What makes Poland a perfect destination for hair transplant abroad

If you are missing your hair it might be uncomfortable or embarrassing. Due to that many people all over the world crave hair transplant which can give them self-confidence. However, when you reach the point of getting to know what

Gastric Sleeve abroad - Diet after the procedure

Some people think that the surgery itself will be their finish line and that it will solve all their problems. However, the diet after the gastric sleeve surgery abroad is even more important than the surgery itself. Below you can

Who should consider having gynecomastia in Poland

If you are struggling with bigger breast and you cannot look at yourself in the mirror, than gynecomastia surgery in Poland is a solution for you! Plastic surgery is no longer reserved only for women, so be a man and

Eyelid surgery Poland - 8 facts you need to know

A cosmetic eyelid surgery in Poland is many a time the only way of getting rid of the drooping, puffy eyelids. If you feel that the look of your eyes is upsetting, unwanted and making you feel unattractive, we will

The difference between FUE and FUT hair transplant Poland

Losing your hair may occur because of many various reasons like aging, stress, diseases, accidents and genetic predispositions. Although it is, mostly, considered as a natural process it may visibly reduce your attractiveness, self-confidence, and general life satisfaction. That is