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man combing his hair

Hair Transplant post-op instructions

0.0 00 As with every surgical procedure, the hair transplant patients should adhere to the post-op instructions provided by the surgeon to achieve the optimal effects. In general, follicular unit extraction hair transplant procedure is a delicate one and if

breast with mared lines before the breast surgery

Round vs teardrop breast implants

5.0 01 Breast implants are one of the greatest solutions for women who struggle with underdeveloped breast or due to other reasons like aging, pregnancy or weight loss. If you are one of those who may pin yourself to one

Breast in black bra

Is capsular contracutre after breast enlargement dangeorus?

0.0 00 One of the complications after breast enlargement is capsular contracture which is caused when internal scar tissue creates a narrow capsule around a breast implant, compressing it to the point where it gets deformed and firm. As a

girl in black underwear is touching belly

Types of bariatric surgery - Which weight loss surgery is the best for me?

4.5 02 It is proved that all weight loss surgeries are highly effective in contributing to noticeable and balanced weight loss. There are a few weight-loss surgeries which are nowadays available leading to desired effects. Due to this, the most

dietetican is showing fruit and vegetables

Weight loss surgery diet - What is the diet after bariatric surgery?

5.0 02 Patients who decided to undergo bariatric procedures often ask what should be their diet after weight loss surgery and how much should they eat. There are no clear guidelines how much patients should eat and what diet plan

girl is showing her ear

What to expect after an otoplasty surgery

5.0 01 If you are unhappy with the shape, position or size of your ears, then otoplasty – also known as cosmetic ear surgery –  is the procedure which can help correct these issues. The otoplasty procedure can be performed

preperation for facelift

Facelift - what could go wrong?

0.0 00 For sure, age and gravity usually affect the way you look. The areas which were smooth and firm in the past started to be more wrinkled and saggy. Moreover,  you may feel young and energetic on the inside

big boobs in bra

How to choose breast implants size?

5.0 01 Despite the fact that the choice in choosing breast augmentation procedure is mainly for ladies with tiny breasts, the implant’s size could be a dilemma for them. The simplest way is to gather all the necessary information and

girl with big boobs is running on the beach

Will a tummy tuck reduce my stretch marks?

0.0 00 Stretch marks are the nightmare of every woman. They are off-colour hued scar-like streaks or stripes that mar skin in different areas of the body: breasts, arms, buttocks, tights, and tummy. Stretch marks form due to microfractures of

woman is touching her face

How much pain will I feel after facelift?

0.0 00 As with every surgical procedure, one of the main concerns of every patient is how much pain after facelift surgery will I have to endure and how will I be able to handle it? Surprisingly as it may