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    Weight loss surgery reversiblily – Which bariatric surgery is reversible?

    Updated November 15, 2019
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    fat belly with measure tapeFor those who deal with obesity or morbid obesity despite all efforts, they made ( like trying losing weight through exercises or diet) a bariatric surgery may be a good solution for these issues. As there four different types of bariatric surgeries- gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric banding and biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS) there are various characteristics and indications to take into consideration.

    Before undergoing the procedure and deciding on the best option, it is important to be aware of all medical recommendation and risks associated with surgery. Moreover, physicians also play a crucial role in determining the best solution- they analyze if a patient is a good candidate for the surgery and which surgery is most suitable, but they also take into account factors like the degree of invasiveness of a surgery, which reversible gastric surgery abroad is possible,  patient’s weight and general health. Read this article and learn which bariatric surgery is reversible.

    Is gastric sleeve reversible?

    Regarding gastric sleeve procedure, it permanently reduces the size of a stomach up to 90% and the remaining part of it is reshaped into a sleeve which resembles a banana. Due to its characteristics, a gastric sleeve surgery is a non-reversible procedure as it minimizes the size and capacity of the stomach which have an impact on gut hormones causing hunger, satiety and blood sugar. Although the surgery’s effectiveness is really high, some serious complications which are not really common happen.

    Is gastric bypass reversible?

    There exist some reason why revision bariatric surgery is not a good option, for instance, there is a great chance that a patient who had gastric bypass performed may never regain his fully functional digestive track.  During the gastric bypass surgery, the stomach is divided and most of its volume is reduced. With the use of staples or a plastic band the surgeon reroutes the stomach and then connects it to the middle of the small intestine, therefore, a small amount of calories is absorbed. In order to reverse this procedure, the surgeon needs to Nevertheless, the restored configuration will not be the same as the original one and a patient may experience permanent changes like post-op gastroesophageal reflux disease. Thus, revision surgery is mainly restricted to specific cases when a patient cannot tolerate side effects. There is also another issue to consider while thinking of a revision surgery on the same spot as it may increase other risks, for example bleeding or damage which may be a source of organ injuries, infections or blood clots.

    Is gastric balloon reversible?

    Gastric balloon is put into your stomach through the mouth and esophagus and it is performed with the use of a thin, flexible tube which is equipped with a light and camera on one end ( an endoscope). Before the procedure, you will have a mild sedative or a light anesthetic give due to the fact that the surgery may cause discomfort yet it is painless.  Generally, it lasts 15 minutes and you may come back home the same day.

    Usually six months after the procedure the balloon is deflated and should be removed as it may increase the risk of deterioration and perforation. Generally, patients lose about 20% and 30% of the excess weight, yet it all varies from patient to patient.  Also, if you require, you will be given a sedative before balloon removal. With the use of endoscopic equipment the saline solution will be extracted first and then a surgeon will remove the deflated balloon through your mouth. The whole procedure usually lasts no more than 30 minutes.

    Before the procedure ( advisable 48 hours) you should take prescribed heartburn medications as they will prevent from reflux or heartburn which may happen during the procedure or after the removal. Before the gastric balloon procedure, you cannot eat solid food at least also for 48 hours. At this time, you may take a small, frequent sip of low calories beverages like diet soda or sparkling water which may settle the stomach and help to clan the gastric balloon of unnecessary food.

    As a mild sedative will not wear off straight away the surgery you need to stay at home for your safety.

    Learn more about weight loss surgery recovery tips.

    Is lap-band reversible?

    Lap band is a removable procedure and is usually necessary for about 9% of patients ( no more than 1 in 10) who maintain their lifestyle changes and established guidelines.

    In most cases, the lap-band removal is mainly due to:

    • Insufficient weight loss ( less than 25% of excess weight)
      some side effects like band erosion, infection, slippage or intolerance
    • Good news is that band removal is not a complex procedure and there are several ways for a band to being converted into another bariatric procedure in order to improve your weight-loss and resolve health issues.

    Please find below more information about Lap band removal

    If you had a laparoscopic surgery first ( usually with 5 or 6 small incisions in your abdomen), it is a great chance that you will have next procedure performed laparoscopically. If yes, the gastric band removal is usually quick and easy yet it all depends on possible complications. On average, the surgery may last one hour or less and generally, the sole band removal takes no more than 10 minutes in cases without complications.

    During the surgery, a surgeon will:

    • remove the ‘capsule’ formed by your body around the band
    • get rid of sutures which held the band in position and remove any adhesions which had a chance to form
    • remove the band itself
    • disconnect the band from the stomach with the tube
    • remove the port through the place it was inserted first ( reopening the same incision)

    After lap band removal the stomach comes back into the normal state in most cases. After the lap band surgery, you were able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep exercising, there is a great chance that you will be able to lose on weight steadily.   Nevertheless, after the lap band removal stomach comes back to its initial state, therefore, it may be a source of the increased feeling of hunger. As a consequence, after lap band, removal patents come back to their previous weight unless they decide to have another weight loss surgery.

    If you are unable to commit yourself you may try to keep your weight on your own and the revision surgery may be divided into two steps. During the first stage the band is removed and during the second stage, you would have another cheap gastric procedure performed, for example, gastric sleeve.

    Note that, when the surgery is divided into two stages, the overall cost is much higher than in comparison to one stage procedure. If you struggle to lose weight despite the band or you are not sure if you would be able to maintain the weight, you may also think of any other revision surgery.

    Is duodenal switch reversible?

    Duodenal switch resembles a gastric sleeve surgery. First, the stomach is divided vertically and more than 85% is removed and this part of the surgery is non-reversible. The stomach is about of a banana shape ( 4-7 ounces). The nerves to the stomach and the outlet valve are left untouched so that the stomach’s functions are preserved. In comparison to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, the stomach is divided and the pylorus is left off. Moreover, the Roux-en-Y surgery may be reversed id required.

    Is gastric plication reversible?

    Neither stomach nor intestines are removed but they are folded from within. Although gastric plication may be reversed, it is more complex procedure than gastric banding revision with lap band or the Realize Band. There is a possibility that it may also be converted into another procedure. Professionals compared gastric plication to affordable gastric sleeve surgery yet without the cutting and stapling of the stomach.

    If you are considering gastric surgery for weight loss and you ask yourself a question “ where can I find a bariatric surgery near me?” you need definitely consider Poland as one of the destinations. With highly experienced surgeons and newly equipped hospital, your stay will be comfortable.  If you would like to know more information about the procedure, and why Bariatric Surgery abroad may be a good solution for you, do not hesitate but contact Beauty Poland- our customer advisor will be glad to help you with. Like in any other weight-loss surgeries, preparation for weight loss surgery is of great importance in order to achieve the most desirable results. Therefore, prior knowledge of the procedure and looking for all the information if there are reversible weight loss surgery options is of vital importance.


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