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    Can I have a baby after tummy tuck procedure?

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    beautiful belly after tummy tuckAlthough, the time of expecting a new baby is a time of celebration and happiness, for some women especially those who had a tummy tuck performed in the past it can become an uneasy and sometimes worrisome period. In this article, we aim to dispel any doubts and provide additional information concerning abdominoplasty.

    • If I had a tummy tuck before getting pregnant, what will happen?
    • Is a baby at risk?
    • Will the results after tummy tuck be lost?
    • Is it necessary to have a tummy tuck performed again after pregnancy?

    These concerns are expressed both by women who underwent a tummy tuck and want to have another child or are pregnant and those who plan to do it for the first time.

    In short, the answer is: Yes, you can have a baby after a tummy tuck but it is advisable for you to wait until the last pregnancy. Though life is full of surprises and it is possible that you may become pregnant again after abdominoplasty. Supposing that you made full recovery after a previous tummy tuck, the next surgery definitely will not slow down the development of the womb.

    A perfect time for having a baby after tummy tuck

    It is recommended to wait 6 months or even a year to get pregnant after a tummy tuck abroad. Your skin may lack laxity and probably will need to be tightened or even muscle tightening may be performed. Although pregnancy after tummy tuck cannot be ruled out, it is highly possible that your abdomen may not be in such a good condition after a baby as it is after a tummy tuck.

    In a tummy tuck in Poland we do three things:

    1. Remove excess fat
    2. Repair the muscles
    3. Remove excess skin

    Pregnancy after tummy tuck may impair tummy tuck results but never to a high extent, therefore, the appearance of your tummy will always be better than if you have never undergone the surgery.

    At least 3-month break after the surgery, before pregnancy is most desirable, yet if you have plans for another baby the best option is to postpone it until you decide that you will not have more babies in the future. Therefore, the best timing is crucial when it comes to tummy tuck and pregnancy, however, if it happens that you will have a tummy tuck before getting pregnant you do not have to worry that it will cause harm to you or your baby. Your skin will stretch out enough, but after pregnancy, it is possible that you should address new stretching that happened.

    Will tummy tuck affect my baby?

    Risks of having a baby after tummy tuck are theoretical, for instance, if the space for a uterus to develop appears to be small, fetal growth may be compromised.  If there arise some problems with the baby, a cesarean delivery may be introduced.  You should also inform your surgeon and obstetrician about your abdominoplasty after getting pregnant so that you may supervise the pregnancy.

    There is no proved evidence that tummy tuck may pose any danger to your baby when it comes to possible future pregnancies. Suffice to say, some of the women who had a tummy tuck performed notice that their baby is carried a little bit higher due to the fact that muscles are tighter, yet it is by no means risky and does not create complications.

    Will pregnancy ruin tummy tuck results?

    This statement is true if your surgery performed at least one year before you got pregnant. However, many women who decided to have abdominoplasty before they delivered their baby still are satisfied with the results of the surgery even after pregnancy. Nonetheless, pregnancy may change tummy tuck results. Also weight gain, visible stretch marks, separated muscles and other issues which may have an influence on the decision for another possible tummy tuck surgery. Also, the final result may be dependent on the precision of a surgeon while repairing muscles during a tummy tuck.  Each case is different when it comes to surgery or pregnancy, therefore, it is of great importance to have a consultation with your surgeon and OB-GYN in case you found yourself pregnant. To preserve results of tummy tuck surgery you should control your weight. If you found that after pregnancy you are not satisfied with your body you still may choose abdominoplasty revision surgery or if you wish a mini tummy tuck.

    Will I need a C-section after my tummy tuck?

    The main concern of women who got pregnant is about scar tissue. The problem with c-section after the procedure of tummy tuck had been performed does not differ from a repeat c-section. During this type of surgery, your OB-GYN is cooperating in the area of the previous incision. Also, you are supposed to inform your doctor that you had an abdominoplasty as the scar is not so evident.  Moreover, it may be true that your OB-GYN is not as much skilled as a plastic surgeon and may not close c-section incision properly which definitely will have an impact on your scar after that.  It is also a frequent procedure for an OB-GYN to use the same abdominoplasty scar or a low pelvic incision


    In conclusion,  it is most recommended to perform tummy tuck after you decided not have more children in the future. However, life is full of surprises and even if you will have a baby after the surgery your body will adjust to the womb. Also, the risks of having a baby after tummy tuck are overestimated and there is no proof evidence that abdominoplasty will pose any harm to the womb and its development. Nevertheless, the results after safe tummy tuck may be impaired if you get pregnant less than a year after the surgery. In summary, if you would like to change your appearance after delivering a baby and boost your confidence in your body, do not hesitate but contact and be happy with your new look.

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