Dos and Don'ts Before and After Liposuction Surgery

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Some people have genetic predisposition to gather the extra amount of fat on tights or abdomen that is extremely hard to lose even with the extra effort of dieting and workout. If you are trying to lose stubborn fat unresponsive

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How to prepare for a tummy tuck surgery?

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Once you have decided to undergo the tummy tuck procedure, you will probably start to think about the preparation for the surgery. That being said, planning ahead and gathering all the information about safe tummy tuck, will ensure that your

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Can a tummy tuck and a liposuction be performed at the same time?

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After you lost a lot of weight you may probably feel uncomfortable with your appearance, therefore one of the best options for you is to perform a tummy tuck in Poland. Just to briefly explain the procedure, the surgeon removes

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Is an otoplasty painful?

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Otoplasty is a great alternative to change the appearance of your ears and solve other issues associated with it. Many men and women suffer from various discomforts strictly related to their ears, therefore, causing unfavourable psychological effects. They range from

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Is otoplasty safe for children ?

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The best solution to enhance the shape and appearance of your ears is to undergo the ear surgery abroad commonly called “ear pinning”. Otoplasty is advisable in cases of protruding, lop or disfigured ears. Deformed or protruding ears is the

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