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Hair Transplant post-op instructions

man combing his hair

As with every surgical procedure, the hair transplant patients should adhere to the post-op instructions provided by the surgeon to achieve the optimal effects. In general, follicular unit extraction hair transplant procedure is a delicate one and if in doubt

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Facelift - what could go wrong?

facelift abroad

For sure, age and gravity usually affect the way you look. The areas which were smooth and firm in the past started to be more wrinkled and saggy. Moreover,  you may feel young and energetic on the inside on the

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How much pain will I feel after facelift?

faceltift results

As with every surgical procedure, one of the main concerns of every patient is how much pain after facelift surgery will I have to endure and how will I be able to handle it? Surprisingly as it may sound, many

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When will I see my liposuction results?

slim belly after lipo

Liposuction is a great way to remove excessive reserves of fat from your body areas yet the best results of liposuction are not visible after the procedure. After liposuction abroad, you should be patient as healing process takes time. Being

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Male rhinoplasty is popular

man after rhinoplasty

Not until recently men started to realize that plastic surgeries are not only reserved for women, therefore it may be noticed that growing number of men decide to undergo plastic surgeries and one of them is rhinoplasty. With the rapid

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What is the perfect season for having hair transplant?

man with head on a pillow

After making the decision to undergo the hair transplant abroad you may have a lot of questions that at a certain point may overwhelm you. This rule is applicable especially when you struggle with hair loss for a long time.

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Can I wear a hat after hair transplant?

man after hair transplant poland

Having your hair transplant procedure done, you will be required to follow certain steps afterwards to ensure that your scalp is healing properly and that you will get the best results. Your surgeon will provide you with the comprehensive instructions.

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Is scuba diving with breast implants possible?

enlarged breast

Seemingly, the juxtaposition of words scuba diving after breast enlargement might sound innocuous but diving after breast implant procedure can pose a certain risk. Majority of the society is not aware of the risk connected with placing implants deep in

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Can I have a baby after tummy tuck procedure?

beautiful belly after tummy tuck

Although, the time of expecting a new baby is a time of celebration and happiness, for some women especially those who had a tummy tuck performed in the past it can become an uneasy and sometimes worrisome period. In this

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Diet After Liposuction Surgery

slim belly after lipo

Liposuction surgery in Poland is a great option for removing extra fat in the problematic areas. The results you will achieve after the surgery are dependent on the diet you are going to undertake. Despite the fact that liposuction eradicates

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